Bumpdate – 4 weeks

{written on January 3rd, 2015)

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How far along: 4 weeks
Gender: Not sure yet, but daddy guesses girl and I guess boy. Everyone else, place your bets now. : )
How big is baby: About the size of a poppy seed (itty bitty!)
Newest baby developments: Little Babeski is now considered an “embryo.” He/she has just started developing three main layers that will eventually become everything from lungs, to a heart, to skin, to eyes, and everything in between! It’s crazy to think that the entire makeup and design of our little one is already in place and starting to form.
Sleep: No problems at all, minus some oddly vivid dreams.
Weirdest symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary yet. Some days I don’t even feel pregnant at all (which is nice and terrifying for my over-active, anxiety-filled imagination).
Best moment this week: We’re still in the first week since we found out the great news, so pretty much every day is like skipping through a meadow of happiness and sunshine haha.
Worst moment this week: It’s been a pretty fantastic week. : )
Miss anything: Coffee. Oh good gracious how I miss coffee. I was never a coffee person until recently but now I’m hooked. Since we found out I’m pregnant, though, I decided to give it up for the sake of a healthier nine months for our little one.
Cravings: None yet. I just feel hungry at pretty much any given moment. Alex is extra happy about this one because now I’m more on his level and we can pig out together all the time.
Queasy or sick: Not one bit. I’ve heard this can show up in a few weeks, though. Fingers crossed I’m one of the luckies who has a queasiness-free pregnancy!
Looking forward to: Telling our family and close friends, as well as going to our first doctor’s appointment!

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