Bumpdate – 5 weeks

5 weeks take 2

How far along:  5 weeks
Gender: Still too early to tell, but I still really feel like it’s a boy. Every time I picture holding my baby, I see a boy. But you never know!
How big is baby: About the size of an apple seed, or 0.13 inches (finally actually measurable!)
Newest baby developments: Little Babeski’s heart will start beating this week! Lots of brain development is taking place right now, along with major growth spurts. He/she will double in size by next week!
Sleep: Still not bad, but I usually wake up at least once a night for no reason at all (which has never ever been a problem for me before. Once I conk out I’m usually dead to the world until my alarm goes off in the morning). I’ve also noticed I wake up much more easily to sounds around me.
Weirdest symptoms: Just the usual early pregnancy symptoms, minus the nausea which has been nice. I know it’s weird to say, but I don’t mind the symptoms one bit. I feel like they’re kind of a connection I have to my baby. The more exhausted I feel, the happier I get because it means my body is doing something right to take care of my little one.
Best moment this week: Telling our family and a few very close friends! I’ve loved seeing everyone’s reactions…they’re all SO excited for us and it makes everything feel so much more real to me.
Worst moment this week: Figuring out health insurance. Ugh what a pain.
Cravings: I can’t say I’ve craved anything for sure, but I’m 100% always in the mood for french fries these days. I don’t think that counts though. 😉
Queasy or sick: Still not at all! Unless I’m trying to swallow my giant horse pill prenatal vitamins.
Looking forward to: Finally pinning down a health insurance plan and making our first doctor’s appointment.

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