Bumpdate – 7 weeks

7 WeeksHow far along: 7 weeks
Gender: I’m totally convinced it’s a boy (for a few reasons) while Alex is still totally convinced it’s a girl. We’ve been in a passive-aggressive war for weeks now, with me causally referring to our baby as “him” and Alex casually referring to him (haha) as “her.” We will see in a few weeks who the winner is. 😉
How big is baby: About the size of a blueberry, or 0.51 inches long. Still itty bitty but doubling in size every week!
Newest baby developments: Little Babeski has teeny little arms and legs now, along with baby hands and feet! He/she is probably moving them around too, although it’s still way too early for me to feel. The brain is also developing like crazy, with about 100 new cells being generated every minute. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful, creative things that little brain comes up with someday. : )
Sleep: It’s been okay this week, although I wake up several times a night from strange dreams (example: me having to run across a busy street during rush hour traffic…on my knees hahaha. so weird.).
Weirdest symptoms: Nausea is keeping me company these days and it strikes at random times. I’ve found that eating Goldfish usually cures me, though.
Best moment this week: Probably looking around the baby department at Kohl’s with Alex. Of course we won’t be buying things for quite awhile, but it was still fun to ooh and aah over all the cute little onesies and wee little shoes.
Worst moment this week: Nothing bad in particular, but that nausea sure puts a damper on things.
Cravings: Still none to report! But I’ve been snacking on fruit every day, so I make sure I always have a few options in the house.
Looking forward to: February 2nd, which is our first appointment (next Monday!). I called today to confirm it and was told that we wouldn’t be getting an ultrasound at that first visit. Such a bummer. But then the woman put me on hold for a second while she talked to my doctor and when she got back on the line, she said that if I come in a little early, they’ll make an exception for me and do an ultrasound! So now we get to see our baby for real next week. : ) I seriously could not be more excited!!!

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