Bumpdate – 8 weeks

8 WeeksHow far along: 8 weeks
Gender: Still dying to know and still referring to baby as “him” haha.
How big is baby: About the size of a raspberry, or 0.63 inches long (and adding on about a millimeter every day this week!). Also, baby finally has a bit of weight…0.04 oz. : )
Newest baby developments: Little Babeski is most likely moving around as often as possible. I wish I could feel it! Fingers and toes are forming, as well as taste buds, but most of the growth is still taking place in the brain.
Sleep: As long as I’m not feeling nauseous, I’ve been sleeping just fine these days.
Weirdest symptoms: I’ve been able to keep everything I eat down, but that doesn’t stop my stomach from teasing me and making me feel queasy for at least a half hour a day.
Best moment this week: It’s been a pretty great week! One of my favorite parts was meeting up with a friend from church and spilling the news to her. I love seeing people’s reactions! : )
Worst moment this week: Feeling sick for a few hours straight right when I was dying for some sleep. Not super fun.
Cravings: Is it weird that I haven’t had ANY? I was assuming I’d be craving something by now.
Looking forward to: Tomorrow!!! Our first doctor’s appointment and our first ultrasound. I’m so nervous and anxious for good news but I’m trying to give all my worries to God and just enjoy this precious gift He’s given us.

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