First doctors visit recap!

I am THRILLED to be able to say that everything went incredibly well at our very first appointment yesterday. : ) My mom, youngest sister, and mother in-law were all there with Alex and I during the first part of the visit which was (drum roll please) our first ultrasound ever! All I can say is it is absolutely AMAZING (and kind of surreal) to be able to see inside your own body and look at the life growing safely within you. I mean, come on. Technology is so cool. The ultrasound technician slabbed some of that gooey gel on my belly, popped the machine on, and boom — there’s our baby!8 Weeks.jpg

Right now, our baby is looking a lot more like a gummy bear than an actual baby, but we saw the start of arms and legs and that itty bitty heartbeat flickering away! And we got to hear that heart too, which was unreal. First of all, it was fast (180 bpm) and second of all, it’s so strange/super cool to know that there are TWO hearts beating in my body right now. Both the ultrasound technician and my doctor said that everything is looking good structurally for the baby and for me and our little one is just the right size for 8 weeks and 1 day. We were also given an official due date, which is September 13th, 2015.

After the ultrasound, Alex and I met with the doctor and went over some of the do’s and dont’s of pregnancy, as well as some of our general delivery options (OB vs. Midwife) and a bit of information on specific genetic screenings we can do if we would like. She went over our medical history and confirmed, to our immense relief, that we’re considered a “low risk” pregnancy. Praise Jesus! Then she gave us a bag of pregnancy/baby goodies, I had some blood work done, and we were on our way.

We are SO thankful to God and over the moon with joy that we had such a positive first visit. Our next appointment and ultrasound are scheduled for March 2nd (I’ll be 12 weeks by then) and if everything is still looking great, we’ll probably announce the pregnancy to everyone shortly after that. 🙂

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