Baby’s second doctor’s visit

Ohhh my goodness, I didn’t think it was possible for me to fall even more in love with my little sweetheart but I swear it happens every day. Especially on days where we get to see him/her. Monday (March 2nd) was our second doctor’s appointment and, because we chose to do a genetic screening, we got to see our little one again!12 Weeks

Look at that little bitty hand up by the face!

I was absolutely astounded at how much the baby grew since our first visit. It was incredible. And it made things feel that much more real to me. He/she was so stinkin’ adorable during the ultrasound, showing off for us and literally flipping upside down and all around! The ultrasound tech was laughing because she couldn’t believe how active our baby is. We might have a little trouble-maker on our hands. 😉 But I don’t even mind. I was seriously so proud of my baby for working so hard and growing so beautifully and standing on his/her head hahah.

Everything looked absolutely perfect from the genetic screening and we’ll have all the details from the blood work back very soon. Plus, the heartbeat was a nice strong 155bpm. And finally, some more exciting news was that the ultrasound tech made a guess about the gender! She warned us not to take it as 100% truth (i.e., don’t go running to paint the baby’s room yet) but she was pretty certain that it looks like a boy. 🙂 Of course we’ll be thrilled either way, but it would be SO fun to have a boy in our family! There are so many girls on my side already, plus my sister is even having a girl. But we’ll know for sure in a few weeks.

In other news…we finally announced the pregnancy to everyone! After our appointment went so well on Monday, I spent the afternoon and evening calling family members and friends who didn’t know about the baby yet and then on Tuesday, we posted our announcement on Facebook and Instagram!Announcement.JPG

Everyone was SO sweet and excited for us and I absolutely loved reading all the comments and kind words. It’s kind of strange that the baby isn’t our little secret anymore, but I’m incredibly thankful to have so much love and support in my life. Our little one is so adored already! What a tremendous blessing. ❤

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