Bumpdate – 18 weeks

18 weeksHow far along: 18 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a sweet potato, or 5.5 inches. Weight is about 6 ounces (possibly more, the pregnancy apps I have are not in agreement about this).
Newest baby developments: Little Babeski is working out his muscles and practicing all kinds of moves. He’s also practicing some yawning and hiccuping and he has all his teeny toe and fingerprints. So cute!
Movement: Definitely more regular now, and not just when I’m laying still. I’ve felt him as I’m standing, riding in the car, walking around, pretty much everywhere! One time I even saw his little arm or leg poking up at me (is that awesome or just creepy? I haven’t decided yet). Poor Alex still hasn’t gotten to feel his son move yet, though. 😦 Every time I feel the little guy moving I yell at Alex to come over and feel and then as soon as he puts his hand on my tummy, the baby suddenly decides to take a nap or whatever. I’m sure Alex will have plenty of time to feel him moving as he gets bigger and stronger, but I wish he could feel it now! It must be hard to be a daddy at this stage because it’s hard to feel connected with someone you can’t see, hear, or feel at all. I’m so blessed that I get to experience it all with my son.
Weirdest symptoms: Nothing too terrible, just some aches and pains this week as everything is shifting and stretching to make more room for the babe.
Best moment this week: Lots of great moments, as usual. 🙂 I really enjoyed going to this breastfeeding class with my sister and my friend (both of whom are pregnant) this past week…I learned a bunch of great tips and some super cool information about the benefits and incredible properties of breast milk. I was just amazed at how perfectly God designed our bodies to be able to care for our babies so well! It’s such an honor to be a mommy.
Worst moment this week: Had some emotional weirdness this week, which has been annoying to say the least. Sometimes I’ll feel sad for no reason at all…but it’s just those preggo hormones taking me for a ride. Thankfully, I have the best husband in the world and he always knows exactly how to make me happy again.
Cravings: I guess I don’t really understand cravings. For example, I really wanted fresh mozzarella cheese this week (randomly) but I’m too cheap/lazy to go buy some and then I forgot about it and was perfectly fine. Does that count as a craving??
Looking forward to: Eating lunch. Hahaha. But for real. I’m extra hungry these days.

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