Bumpdate – 19 weeks

19 weeksHow far along: 19 weeks (and one day…I’m a little late with this post!)
How big is baby: About the size of a mango, or 6 inches. Weight is about half a pound! Yay!
Newest baby developments: His brain is exploding with activity as nerve cells for all five senses are developing and new connections are being made to help make processing faster. He also has a protective coat covering his whole body now (called vernix caseosa) to help him keep warm and not get super wrinkly.
Movement: I’m loving feeling him move every day! Sometimes it’s just a teeny flutter, other times it feels like he’s holding a dance party in there. One day this week I didn’t feel him at all and had a minor panic attack (I tried everything to get him to move…chugged a bunch of orange juice, chugged a bunch of cold water, walked around, poked and prodded my tummy, laid down in every possible position…still nothing!). Thank goodness he was back to his normal wiggly self the next day. Sheesh! Don’t scare me like that, baby. Unfortunately Alex still hasn’t gotten to feel him, which I feel bad about. But I think that’s just around the corner. 🙂
Weirdest symptoms: Sometimes if I move a certain way, it feels like I’m stretching every muscle and ligament in my lower belly and it hurts like the dickens. Also, it’s getting harder and harder to fit into my regular clothes! My shirts are still pretty much fine, but I’ve had to retire a couple of pairs of pants and some of my shorts too. I think I’m going to have to head to the stores pretty soon and grab a couple of maternity outfits I can use this summer.
Best moment this week: Having a lunch date with the lovely Brittany for her birthday! We went to one of our favorite places (YC’s Mongolian Grill) and me and the baby enjoyed stuffing ourselves with delicious Asian cuisine. 🙂 Also, Alex and I got the keys to our new apartment this week and we were able to check it out and kind of imagine how we’ll set everything up (including the baby’s room!).
Worst moment this week: I really can’t think of anything bad that’s happened this week. 🙂
Cravings: Sour things…I’ve been loving Granny Smith Apples, which I usually can’t stand eating straight up.
Looking forward to: Spending some time with my friend Erin tonight (who is actually about to have her own little boy! Like for real, she’ll probably go into labor anywhere in the next couple of weeks).

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