Bumpdate – 22 weeks

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mommas out there! Especially mine. 🙂

22 WeeksHow far along: 22 weeks (I missed last week because things were so crazy getting ready to move this weekend)
How big is baby: About the size of a papaya, or 8-10 inches. Weight is about a pound!
Newest baby developments: He can perceive light now and can probably tell when I’m standing in the sun (even through all those layers of skin!). His sense of touch is much better developed now and he might be exploring around with his little fingers and practicing grasping whatever he can.
Movement: He’s getting so much stronger and Alex was FINALLY able to feel him kick too! He’s most active when I’m not moving around (probably because my movement rocks him to sleep) and he even responds to our voices sometimes, which is so cute. 🙂
Weirdest symptoms: It’s occasionally hard for me to catch my breath these days and I’m getting hungrier by the second, eek! I’ve been eating tons of fruit and trying to get some veggies in there too. But chocolate is always my favorite, not gonna lie.
Best moment this week: Moving day yesterday! We are officially all settled in our new apartment (complete with a room for our little mister, although I doubt he’s going to use it very much/care about it at all for several months). Im so excited to start getting his nursery ready anyway, though. Right now it’s loaded with empty boxes from the move that we need to get rid of but soon it’ll be ready and waiting for the squishy little guy to arrive!
Worst moment this week: It was a great week!
Cravings: I’ll randomly want something weird (like shrimp cocktail or whatever) but then it goes away. So I guess nothing?
Looking forward to: Finishing unpacking and starting to decorate the apartment a bit more.

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