Name reveal!

Our sweet baby boy finally has a name! I know some people choose to keep the name a secret until the baby is actually born (and we really thought about doing that too), but it’s been so wonderful to actually refer to him by name that we decided it would be more fun for everyone if we just announced it to the world…

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“J” is for Jameson Andrew!

After months and months of going back and forth between several names, reading countless lists of the top 500 boy names for different years, and trying to figure out how to actually make the name meaningful to us (we’re not the kind of people who just choose a name because we think it sounds nice)…we finally reached a decision. Thank the Lord! Guys. Boy names are really hard. If we ever have a girl, she’s pretty much already set. But choosing a boy name was such a challenge! Most of them are either too trendy and weird, or too old-fashioned and outdated, or just too popular (example: everyone is naming their son Liam or Noah this year. Even though I like both of those names, I just can’t do that to my son).

We eventually came to the conclusion that the name would have to be meaningful in some way or else we’d struggle through lists of silly fad names forever. The middle name “Andrew” was a given because that’s my dad’s middle name too and we wanted to honor him in that way. But that left a problem for the first name because we wanted to honor Alex’s dad (James/Jamie) as well without creating another James Iwanski (he would’ve been the third because Alex’s grandpa is also named James Iwanski). Finally, on the way to church one day, I thought of the name Jameson. I had always thought that name was cool and manly and just uncommon enough without losing its classiness. I brought it up to Alex and he immediately liked it (which usually he doesn’t do). We kept it just between us for several weeks and thought it over a bunch (“How will it sound being called at the doctor’s office? Can we yell it when he’s doing something dangerous? Will most people be able to pronounce it?”). And eventually, we decided that it just sort of fit for our baby. We told a few family members and close friends and then made an announcement for social media a little while later. So far, no negative opinions have been given. 😉

Some other names we considered (in case he asks later):

1. James (of course)

2. Caleb (we love the story of Caleb in Numbers 13 and 14, especially 14:24 where the Lord describes Caleb: “my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly”).

3. Peter (my dad’s first name)

4. John/Johnathon (Alex tried for this one. I vetoed it.)

5. Ezra (we both love this name but it’s kind of a special, set aside name for another little boy we knew)

Clearly we were liking the Biblical names haha. Who knows, maybe we’ll use one of them in the future but I’m just glad that for now, we don’t have to think about names anymore! Hooray!

We love you so much, Jameson Andrew! We can’t wait to meet you soon. 🙂


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