Our Memorial Day weekend

We had such a wonderful long weekend and I’m so sad it’s over! Lots of sunshine, fun memories, yummy desserts, and family time filled up our days and I loved every second of it. Alex got off early on Friday (yay!) which was actually a surprise to me and he came home carrying a bouquet of beautiful pink roses (also a surprise to me), which I immediately swooned over and then put on the center of our table so I can see them every time I walk by. Am I blessed or what? My husband is the sweetest!

That night we headed to my parents’ house for dinner. It’s kind of our family tradition (and I have no idea how this even started) to get Chinese food on the first and the last days of school, even though now my youngest sister is the only one actually still in school. We all stuffed ourselves with egg rolls and Teriyaki chicken and lo mein and then played games the rest of the night, which was so much fun!

Charlie’s favorite spot to be when we’re driving somewhere!

Saturday was our one year wedding anniversary. We had already gone out for our “fancy dinner” last Wednesday to The Keg, where we kept it classy and argued about song lyrics for part of the dinner and then spent the rest of the time trying to figure out what the coolest band names are (my vote was for Muse, which I think is just a super awesome name, and Alex’s vote was for about 50 different band names including Arctic Monkeys and King’s Kaleidoscope). So Saturday we decided to do something more low-key and fun and headed to As You Wish, which is kind of an art studio where you choose a piece of pottery to paint and then pick it up after it’s been fired in the kiln and covered in glossy glaze. We spent way too long trying to decide what to paint but eventually chose two cute animals that we can put in Jameson’s nursery and then took our sweet time painting them just right. (turtle = mine, elephant = Alex’s)


May 23rd, 2015
Anniversary baby bump

For dinner we picked up two breakfast burritos from Los Favoritos because on our actual wedding night, we left our reception and walked into a Los Favs at almost midnight in our full wedding outfits because we had eaten about six bites of food between the two of us at our dinner and we were starving. So now that’s our own little anniversary tradition. 🙂 Sunday was pretty typical for us…we spent time relaxing and hanging out with each other in the morning and then Alex had worship practice at 1:30 so I stayed home and cleaned up the apartment before meeting him for church at 4pm. We made a quick trip to Fry’s that night, I made some cupcakes for the family BBQ the next day, and then we watched a movie together and went to bed. Monday was Memorial Day! We headed over to Alex’s parents’ house in the early afternoon and hung out with them until my family and some friends from church arrived a little later. It was a beautiful day (only about 90 degrees, which for Arizona this time of year is pretty much spectacular) and we spent it with our feet in the chilly pool, chatting and laughing and stuffing our faces with hotdogs, hamburgers, and chips & dip. Oh and ps, my patriotic dessert came out super duper yummy!

I can’t wait until Jameson is here and we get to celebrate all these holidays with him too! So many fun memories are in our future and I’m so thankful for God’s grace allowing us to experience it all with our sweet baby boy. I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and weekend honoring the men and women who sacrificed more than we can imagine to keep us safe. “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13


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