Bumpdate – 25 weeks

25 weeksHow far along: 25 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a cauliflower, or 10-11 inches long (still). Weight is about 1.7 pounds.
Newest baby developments: He’s putting on more and more baby fat and filling out all over. He also has a sense of equilibrium now, so he can tell which way is up and which way is down (pretty cool for such a small little guy!).
Movement: This is far and away my favorite thing about pregnancy. 🙂 The other day Jameson was exercising in there and I could tell that he was all the way stretched out because both sides of my belly were getting kicked/punched simultaneously. He also has this new thing now where he’ll shove part of his body against my tummy (usually a leg or foot or sometimes I think it’s his butt haha) and just stay there so we can feel him. He’s big enough now that I can actually tell where different parts of his body are and if I push a little on him he’ll usually push back. Alex and I have been loving this (even though it freaked Alex out at first) because it’s like we’re actually playing and interacting with our son.
Weirdest symptoms: The Braxton Hicks are still around but they’ve lessened a little since last week (and I let my midwife know about them and she said it’s all completely normal). The other annoying symptom is the fact that I have to get up and pee at least once a night (and that’s after I’ve already peed like six or seven times right before bed). I used to be able to just sleep right on through the night but now there’s way too much pressure on my bladder for me to do that.
Best moment this week: We got a new car! We’d been looking to sell my little old Ford Taurus for awhile now and get something a bit bigger and more reliable and we finally found a great deal on a Jeep Grand Cherokee that we couldn’t pass up. I hope Jameson likes his new ride. 😉 Another great moment of the week was that we finally got around to tackling some home-improvement projects we’d been putting off. It was a LOT of work and we spent most of yesterday drilling crap and putting together new furniture and sweating like crazy lol. But I’m so happy with how it all turned out! My husband is the absolute best for letting me drag him around all day and for hanging six billion curtains. Next project: the nursery!
Worst moment this week: It’s been super frustrating for me to try and fit in my old clothes. I only have about four maternity items total (because they’re so expensive) and I just keep mixing and matching them…but when they all happen to be dirty, I have just about no options anymore. I think it’s time I admit defeat and buy a few more outfits to last through the summer.
Cravings: Fruit for sure!
Looking forward to: Hopefully getting a few more maternity outfits this week because I can’t keep counting on the belly band to hold up my normal jeans.

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