Bumpdate – 26 weeks

26 weeks

(featuring Charlie, my best puppy friend)

How far along: 26 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of an eggplant, or 10-11 inches long (but this could be off because the apps I have on my phone are giving me inconsistent information…). Weight is about 2 pounds!
Newest baby developments: He can probably open his wee little eyes now! Which means that he might start responding a bit more to light stimulus coming from outside his cozy home. We tried shining a flashlight onto my belly the other night, but he didn’t seem to care about that at all haha.
Movement: He loves to move around in there, and I love to feel it. He gets especially excited by loud noises and music (which means he’s all over the place during our church services) and also when I lay on my side. It almost feels like he’s walking up the inside of my tummy when I’m laying like that, which is super weird but still really cool. He’s getting so big now that it’s not just his strong kicks that I feel… I can also feel (and usually see) his smaller movements, like when he rolls over or slides his foot across my belly. So far only Alex, my two sisters, and my mother-in-law have felt him move because he still sleeps a lot of the day and it’s hard to time his kicks, but he’s getting more and more consistent every day so I bet it won’t be long until I can share his little movements with my other friends and family members. 🙂
Weirdest symptoms: Braxton Hicks are probably going to be a symptom from here on out, and the peeing at night thing is only getting worse. I used to be able to just ignore it and go to sleep anyway but now, if there’s any water at all in my system, I’m woken up by it and I have to get up and go before going back to sleep. Oh well, it’s probably better that I get used to poor sleep sooner rather than later. 😉
Best moment this week: There have been SO many good moments this week, I can’t choose just one! As an anniversary gift, Alex got me my first serious camera (a Nikon d3200) and it came in the mail this week! I’ve been in love ever since and I’ve been trying to practice and learn as much as I can so I’ll be ready for baby pictures in a few months (which is the main reason we got the camera). We also have our nursery furniture en route and my mother-in-law ordered like six zillion outfits for Jameson, which we got to look at on Saturday. My sweet boy is going to be very well-dressed. 😉 Plus we’ve been clearing out the nursery so it’ll be ready for the furniture and organizing just always makes me happy (I know it’s weird).
Worst moment this week: No bad moments this week! My sister has been in and out of false labor, though, and I’m just praying that my niece either comes out the day she’s full-term (Sunday) or she waits a couple more weeks because otherwise I’ll be far far away in Georgia for my cousin’s wedding during the birth.
Cravings: Still fruit, especially nectarines and peaches.
Looking forward to: Setting up Jameson’s furniture, picking up my altered dress for the wedding (please, God, let it fit), and practicing some more with my camera. 🙂

A few photos from this weekend…

DSC_0013 DSC_0014 DSC_0019 DSC_0023

One thought on “Bumpdate – 26 weeks

  1. We are very similar in our pregnancy timelines! I pray you and your baby are happy and healthy. Oh and if your using the app The Bump I have noticed it has a lot of variation now. Must be more genetics at this stage in the game when it comes to height and weight.


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