Bumpdate – 27 weeks

27 weeks

How far along: 27 weeks (Last week of the second trimester! How is that possible??)
How big is baby: About the size of a cucumber, or about 15 inches long (the measurement is from his head to his feet now, instead of his head to his bottom). Weight is about 2.2 pounds.
Newest baby developments: He can most likely recognize my voice in comparison to other voices (especially since I sing and talk to him all the time haha) and he’s breathing in lots of amniotic fluid every day to help him get ready for real breathing when he’s born.
Movement: He’s usually a pretty active baby (although these last couple of days he’s been kind of mellow) and he’s started getting the hiccups! So far I’ve counted three times he’s had them and it’s always so very cute. Alex’s mom told me that he used to have the hiccups all the time too, so maybe Jameson takes after his daddy. 🙂
Weirdest symptoms: Having to pee literally every few minutes, even when I haven’t been drinking a ton. There’s just so much pressure on everything in there. Unfortunately, the having to pee always makes the Braxton Hicks start up so it’s kind of like a fun little cycle we go through every day lol. Oh well, we’re in the home stretch now!
Best moment this week: Setting up the crib! We don’t have a mattress yet so I can’t put the bedding in for now, but I keep poking my head in Jameson’s room to look at it anyway. It makes me smile every time I picture our sweet little baby in his baby bed. 🙂  Only 13 weeks to go!
Worst moment this week: Nothing really, except for the backaches and rib aches that go along with all this extra weight I’m toting around.
Cravings: Fresh fruits and vegetables, which is probably the best kind of craving, and also Cold Stone Creamery, which is probably one of the worst kinds of cravings lol.
Looking forward to: Getting more work done in the nursery and seeing my cousin get married this Friday!

Setting up the crib this week…

DSC_0067 DSC_0069 DSC_0074 DSC_0079

(Charlie isn’t sure about our new roommate yet…)

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