Bumpdate – 28 weeks

28 weeks

(28.5 weeks in this picture and featuring the handsome hubs, since I never got around to taking a solo picture for this week)

How far along: 28 weeks – hellooo third trimester!
How big is baby: About the size of an eggplant, or about 16 inches long. Weight is about 2.5 pounds (but he feels a whole lot heavier than that, oye).
Newest baby developments: He’s busy practicing all sorts of tricks in there, including blinking, sucking, coughing, and taking practice breaths. His sleep cycles include the REM phase now, which means he could be dreaming (about what, I have no idea. It’s probably pretty boring in there). He’s continuing to pack on the baby fat and if he was born right now, he’d have a 90% chance of survival (not that I want him to be born right now…but that makes me feel a whole lot better).
Movement: Hiccups. All. The. Time. Poor little dude gets them at least twice a day and they last for about 10 minutes or more every time. I’m also still feeling the regular kicks and rolls and punches, only much stronger now. Alex gets to feel them all the time, too, which I love. 🙂 Jameson is also responding more to our voices and will usually give a little kick when we start talking to him.
Weirdest symptoms: I sometimes wake up with leg cramps in the middle of the night, which is new (and annoying). And it’s definitely harder for me to sit/stand up from laying down these days (usually Alex has to give me a boost or I have to roll onto my side first). Everything feels heavier and I’m not used to carrying around this extra weight! I get out of breath so much easier now. But it’s all worth it for him.
Best moment this week: This post is almost a week late so a bunch of extremely exciting things have happened since the time I should have had this posted (I’ll write about them hopefully tomorrow for my 29 week bumpdate). But the best moment for last week was definitely getting to see my cousin marry the love of her life. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful (even in the sticky heat) and I’m so thankful I got to stand with her on what I know will always be one of her favorite days ever.
Worst moment this week: The flight back home from Atlanta was definitely a hassle. I was flying standby and I ended up having to get on a flight to Baltimore and then run across the airport to get on another flight back home to Phoenix. Stressful for me and Jameson, but we made it!
Cravings: Lots of fruit and also snap peas. Oh and Hershey’s chocolate, the kind with almonds and toffee in it. 🙂
Looking forward to: Jameson’s dresser is en route right now and I’m so excited for it to get here so we can set it up! Once it’s put together I can finally wash all his baby clothes with that newborn Dreft detergent that smells great but costs a fortune and start organizing everything, yay!

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