Jameson’s Nursery

We’re FINALLY done with our little boy’s animal-themed nursery (after months of putting it together a little bit at a time) so I wanted to make a post to show some of my favorite parts about it. I absolutely love how it turned out and I’m so thankful to my husband for helping me with all of it, even when he was tired from work or busy with school. He is the best and Jameson and I are so blessed to have him. 🙂

And now, without further ado, please enjoy the crapload of pictures I’m about to post…



3DSC_0743.jpg 4

Jameson has about 50 million onesies which I could tell were about to end up in massive heaps inside his dresser, so I ended up buying some IKEA drawer organizers from Amazon to help keep everything organized and easy to manage. I rolled each onesie to save space and separated the sizes into three drawers (newborn, 0-3 months, and 3-6 months, with a few 9 month onesies in there too). This is his newborn drawer:


The other side of his dresser has three drawers as well, filled with hats, socks, toys, a billion diapers, receiving/swaddling blankets, and a few burp cloths.



My sister uses these aden + anais swaddling blankets for her daughter and I loved how breathable and soft they were. Now Jameson has a set too! 🙂


Above his dresser/changing station are these gorgeous, original pieces of art that were given to us at the shower by Alex’s aunt. I added the ribbons to tie into the light blue accents we have around the room and I love how they turned out!


Quotes I saved from my baby shower decorations.


I saw this binky jar idea on Pinterest and definitely wanted to include it in Jameson’s nursery. This way, I always know where to find a pacifier for him. We have a few different brands in there (including a wonderful mustache pacifier) so we can figure out which he likes best.


Charlie loves looking out the sliding glass doors in Jameson’s room.


One of my friends designed this cute little decoration:


Can you tell books are kind of my favorite thing? I’m so grateful to my husband for giving up his time to hang everything for me. ❤


I found these adorable baby safari animal prints on Etsy and fell in love with them, so we ordered a set for above Jameson’s crib (installed very securely, don’t worry people).


This cutie was customized by one of my best friends for Jameson because she knows I love sock monkeys. 🙂


Some stuffed animals we wanted in his crib… a crocheted Mickey Mouse that Alex actually got for me while we were still dating, a Guess How Much I Love You bunny blanket that was one of the first things we bought for Jameson (before we even knew his gender), and a teddy bear by Gund because I have a very similar one (named Freddy) that I used to sleep with every night/still sometimes do hahaha.


Two more stuffed friends…a blue puppy from Alex’s parents and the best bunny ever by Jellycat, which I’ve been obsessing over for months after seeing someone I follow on Instagram post pictures of her son with his Jellycat bunny.


We went with the RIBBA picture ledges from IKEA for most of the shelving in the nursery. I thought they were cuter than just putting up a massive bookshelf and I also liked how they feature the books outward so that they add to the decorations in the room.


Inside his closet (surprise! Even more clothes. I hope this kid likes being dressed up)…


I handmade these closet organizers to help keep everything separated by size (particularly so that Alex can find stuff easily).


Just one of my favorite outfits, based on Where the Wild Things Are. 🙂


Since I couldn’t fit all the bottoms that go with many of Jameson’s onesies inside his dresser, I used a cheap organizer I found at Target to separate them all by size.


Each section has a label so it’s easy to grab what we need.


The bottom two sections have pull-out drawers and they’re filled with things like towels and blankets and extra sheets.


We have one other organizer on the other side of the closet for all his little baby shoes and some linen-related things (plus a couple of extra sections for whatever else we might need to organize later).


The bedding set goes with our neutral, animal-themed ideas perfectly.


I love the different textures on the blanket!


Charlie loves hanging out in here. 🙂 Especially because he can juuuust squeeze under the crib for a nap lol.



One thought on “Jameson’s Nursery

  1. I absolutely adore this post, your writing, your pictures, the nursery of course, and the contagious nature of the excitement growing as the arrival of little Jameson nears!!! 😍❤️💜💚💙💛


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