Bumpdate – 39 weeks

39 weeks

How far along: 39 weeks (seven days until our due date!)
How big is baby: About the size of a watermelon (no kidding), or around 21 inches long. Weight could be anywhere from 6-9 pounds, but the average is around 7lbs.
Newest baby developments: His brain is still getting the most development at this point (and, of course, this will continue after he’s born too). His skin is now ready for the world and it’ll gain more of its pigment within the first few weeks of his little life. His tear ducts are also ready to go and he can flex his limbs easily now (which is pretty obvious to me since he seems to have no problem stretching out as far as my belly will let him haha).
Movement: Sometimes my belly is just so sore from him pushing and shoving around (especially the right side, since that’s where his legs and feet are). But I know he’s probably just cramped and is trying to get comfortable, which is why I keep telling him that he’ll have much more room if he just comes out!
Weirdest symptoms: Right now it’s mostly just continued Braxton Hicks (still nothing consistent, grrr) and some added pelvic pressure. The mental and emotional symptoms are really the worst part… having patience is HARD when you’re waiting to meet your child for the first time ever. Even though I’m not overly uncomfortable, I’m just so anxious to see Jameson and kiss him and watch Alex with him and even just get back to my normal self. But he’s not even past due yet, so I really need to just chill out and keep waiting, at least for the next seven days (and then I’ll probably start going crazy).
Best moment this week: I loved getting to go to my high school best friend’s bridal shower yesterday! I can’t believe she’s getting married in just a couple of weeks! So many happy things are happening. 🙂
Worst moment this week: Again, nothing bad. I’m just dying to go into labor already. I’m honestly not even scared because he has to come out one way or another. At this point, I feel like all I’m doing is analyzing every single ache or pain or weird symptom and just praying that we start the labor process like right now. It’s almost like it was back when I was hoping to get pregnant, where every little thing was a “sign” that maybe this could be it. Ah, I just want my baby already!
Cravings: Who even knows lol.
Looking forward to: Having my husband home for this three day weekend, and of course…possibly going into labor soon. I really hope this is the last bumpdate I have to write for awhile but you really never know.

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