Favorite baby products!

We’re a few days into month number two of all things Jameson so I thought I’d share some of the baby-related products that I’ve been loving. These are things I’d totally buy again and again (I may have already bought doubles of some things, whoops) and have found super useful these past few weeks with my sweet boy.

#1. Ju Ju Be B.F.F. Diaper Bag (Style: The First Mate)



This thing is seriously the bomb. Not only does it have almost a million roomy pockets (including a “mommy pocket” in the front, just for your personal items) – which is great for an organizational freak like myself – but it also has several options for how you can carry it around. I usually keep it as a backpack but there’s also a long strap you can attach to make it into a messenger bag (or to sling over the back of your stroller like I do). PLUS it’s machine-washable (I bet this will be extra useful down the road) and did I mention cuuuute??

#2. aden + anais Muslin Swaddles


WE LOVE THESE! We use them all the time, for so many things…on the floor to protect Jameson from germs, to keep him cozy in his car seat, to swaddle him of course. My sister also uses them as nursing covers because of how breathable and soft they are. This is one of the items we went out and bought more of after Jameson was born (because, you know. Crap gets on them and sometimes it’s actual crap haha).

#3. Nesting Days baby wrap (aka the Papoose)


I couldn’t say enough good things about this product. I knew I wanted to wear Jameson in a wrap-like carrier while he was small but I was totally turned off by all those complicated wraps that require a whole bunch of twisting and tying and knotting. I figured that if my baby was fussy and crying or totally melting down, I’d want to get him in the carrier as fast as humanly possible. That’s when I found Nesting Days. It’s basically a regular carrier that’s already wrapped the way it needs to be. All you do is step right in and pull it up. It’s made of super stretchy and supportive material so Jameson always feels really secure when he’s in it, and since it covers your whole upper body it’s perfect for skin-to-skin (which I love to do when we’re at home). I use this bad boy several hours a day to keep Jameson near me and keep myself hands-free while I’m cleaning up the house, making food, taking Charlie on walks, or just to help Jameson calm down. I swear this thing is magic…he’s instantly soothed the second he’s cozy inside. Love love love this wrap!

#4. NeilMed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator


This looks like it’s a joke but it’s not hahah. I was aaamaaazed at how much I loved this product, even though the concept is actually disgusting. I mean you’re literally sucking boogers out of your baby’s nose. Yuck. But it works like a charm! Jameson sometimes gets slightly congested (poor little dude) and the regular hand-pump turkey baster type of aspirator was not cutting it for us. We couldn’t get good suction from it and he would scream through the whole ordeal. But this aspirator is made of silicone so it’s really soft and gentle in his little nose and the suction you get from actually sucking with your mouth is wayyy better than what you get with the hand pump kind. Definitely happy we fought through our fear of this weird contraption because it’s helped Jameson so much.

#5. Prince Lionheart Premium Wipes Warmer


Jameson is really okay with cold wipes now so this warmer is really more of a luxury at this point, but at the beginning it was a total game changer. Homeboy HATED getting his diaper changed and as soon as a cold wipe hit his bum he would lose his mind every time. We started using the wipe warmer and boom! No more issues. It was really a huge help to us too because as new parents, I can tell you that we freak out any time he cries and frantically try to fix the problem (which isn’t easy when you’re also trying to change a tiny diaper on a wiggling, screaming baby. Ahhh stress!).

#5. Covered Goods Nursing Cover


Holy. Moly. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this product. I actually only got it in the mail last week but I’m already singing its praises (that’s just how awesome it is). First of all, anything that has so many uses immediately has my love. You can use it as a regular nursing cover, as a car seat cover, as a shopping cart cover, as a scarf, as a blanket, etc. etc. So amazing! But I really bought it primarily to use as a nursing cover. Since I got it I’ve used it every time we’ve gone out and Jameson has needed to eat. It covers everything, which was hugely important to me. I was using the standard bib-type of nursing cover (you know, the one that looks like a backwards cape) but it only covers the front so it was hard for me to position correctly to cover what I needed. And God forbid if Jameson decided to kick or move around under there…that thing would go flying up. Plus if I was wearing a shirt that wasn’t really nursing-friendly and I had to lift it up, my entire back would be exposed (um, yeah. no thank you.). Covered Goods completely takes care of all these problems with its 360 degree coverage. My old nursing cover was also kind of a thick, heavy material so my poor boy was getting so sweaty during mealtime (and he’s already pretty prone to sweating). With the Covered Goods cover, though, he hardly ever sweats at all. It’s super lightweight and airy and the material is nice and stretchy so I can still peek down at him or help him out if he unlatches himself. Seriously, this thing is awesome. I will recommend the bajeezus out of it to any nursing mom who will listen to me.

#6. Little Animal Lover Memory Book (by Lucy Darling)

My sister actually bought this baby book for me and Jameson before he was born and I’ve LOVED keeping up with it since then. I really like how it has all the standard baby book pages (a place for the hospital bracelet, the foot/hand prints, birth announcement, etc.) in addition to pages that cover life before your baby was born (places for ultrasound pictures, a picture of your belly, a letter to baby while you were still pregnant, and little bits of info like who you told first about the pregnancy). It’s laid out super simply by month and then by year (up to five years) and has places for you to put pictures of all the important “firsts” (first bath, first big trip, first time walking, all the first holidays, etc.). SO easy and SO cute!

#7. Snugapuppy Cradle ‘n Swing (Fisher-Price)


This has seriously been a lifesaver around here. Most of the time I just love holding Jameson or laying on the floor with him during tummy time or carrying him around in the Papoose. But sometimes, crap needs to get done and I can’t be toting around my squirmy little baby. That’s when the swing takes over. Jameson loves being in his swing and it almost always has a soothing effect on him. He’ll just hang out in there (and sometimes nap) while I run around cleaning or getting myself ready or making food. Praise the Lord! It swings in two different directions (forwards/backwards and side to side), plays two sets of music (one for day and one for night…Alex and I have all the songs in each set memorized by now), has a spinny mobile thing on the top, and it has the option of plugging into the wall instead of using batteries. So if you find a good spot for it, you can just leave it plugged in and not have to worry about changing the batteries all the time. Yessssss! Plus, it’s so cozy and soft. I want one for myself.

#8. Britax B-Agile 35 Travel System

Last but certainly not least…the stroller/car seat combo that we’ve been using. I had this beaut picked out since I was like two months pregnant. I immediately loved how sturdy and safe both the car seat and the stroller are and how great all the reviews are. Once the base is installed in your car, you literally just snap the car seat into place whenever you’re going somewhere and snap it right out whenever you’re ready. Then it connects with the stroller too! So simple. Plus, the stroller has three wheels instead of four so it’s easier to maneuver and it folds down in one (YES, ONE!) motion. Love love love this product.

And that’s it for now! My top baby products for our little guy (and let’s be honest, for myself too). I hope this helps someone! As always, thanks for reading. 🙂


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