Meeting the great-grandparents

One of the things I love most about being a young mom is that my son gets the chance to meet his great-grandparents. To tell you the truth, it boggles my mind a little to think about how it must feel to meet your great-grandchild. I can’t even picture having a grandchild, let alone if that grandchild then had his or her own child. Like whatttt, that is nuts. But so so cool. You get to see the impact you’ve had on the world in three different generations (your baby, their baby, and that baby’s baby)…all because you fell in love with your best friend. How incredible.

These past few weeks, we’ve had the privilege of introducing Jameson to one of my grandmothers and both of Alex’s grandfathers. Hopefully someday we can introduce him to my other set of grandparents in Georgia and Alex’s other grandma too. We loved seeing their faces as they set eyes on our boy for the first time, the obvious love they all had for him, and the awe they had as they each got to hold him. Jameson, of course, had no idea what the heck was going on but he flashed them his little smile anyway and stared at each of them with his classic thoughtful Jameson expression. And I know someday he’ll really appreciate these pictures. You have the best great-grandparents, my love!

Alex’s maternal grandfather Walter Thomas (aka Nono) and his wife Judy:


Four generations:IMG_4340

Bernice Schreiber (aka Grandma Pennsylvania), my maternal grandmother:



Grandma PA with her two great-grandchildren, Madelyn and Jameson:11140027_10207771734675976_8539980809679538489_n

Four generations:



Jim Iwanski (aka Papa), Alex’s paternal grandfather: 

IMG_4755IMG_4753Papa, his wife Cyndi, and Jameson:

IMG_4750Four generations of Iwanski men: 



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