Two months of Jameson

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We’re heading into month three of life with our tiny bff and I can honestly say that I’m even more obsessed with him now than I was even just a week ago! Sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself because I just LOVE HIM SO MUCH! I kiss his chubby cheeks approximately six million times a day and shout “I LOVE YOU!!!!!” at him as often as possible. His little personality is shining through more and more and he’s so curious and interested in everything. And those baby smiles and laughs…my heart is constantly being melted by him. This month has been so much fun and I can’t wait to see him keep learning about the world in the coming months, especially as we head into the holiday season (my favorite time of year). But first, a quick (haha) update on our little two month old…

Weight and Length: At his two month checkup today we learned that Jameson is 13.1 lbs (75th percentile), is 23.5 inches long (50th percentile), and his head circumference is 39.5 cm (somewhere within the 25th-50th percentile range). Once again, his pediatrician was very happy with his growth! We’re so proud of our brave boy.

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Clothing: Oh how this little one grows! I feel like we were barely getting into 0-3 month clothes when all of a sudden (overnight) they were mysteriously a bit too tight. He still fits in some 0-3 month stuff depending on the brand but the 3 month-sized clothes seem to fit him more comfortably overall. He’s officially in size 1 diapers and I hope he stays in those for awhile because we have way too many of them haha.

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Eyes & Hair: His hair has definitely lightened up a lot this month. Sometimes you don’t even need the sunlight to see the red in it, although it’s still mostly brown. It seems the be getting wavier as it grows in thicker and I’m kind of hoping it goes curly like Alex’s. 🙂 I usually brush it over to one side because he just looks so adorable with that comb-over! His eyes are starting to change color but I’m still not sure if they’re going brown or green. Maybe hazel. Most of the time I think I see a deep olive green in them but it’s still a little too early to tell. And as always, he has the best skin tone ever. I’m kind of jealous! He’s killin’ it with those good looks.

DSC_1174.jpgSleep: He’s really been so good with sleep overall (I say this as he’s stirring restlessly in his bassinet…lol). But really, he’s been such a champ. There was a week where he fought sleep like it was possibly the worst thing in the world, though…one of the days he napped for a grand total of 1.5 hours. For the entire day. And that was in half-hour increments, not even all at once. I looked like I had just escaped from an asylum by the end of it, my hair all frazzled and a wild look of exhaustion-induced hysteria in my eyes. But now he’s pretty much back on track, probably because I’ve been more consistent about how and when he sleeps. At night he’s still in bed with us which I love (one night we let him sleep in the bassinet we have connected to the Pack ‘n Play in our room and I literally couldn’t fall asleep because I kept panicking that I heard him crying). He’ll usually sleep for five or six hours straight, wake up to eat around 3:30am, and then go right back to sleep for another four hours or so (sometimes he’ll have a snack around 5:30am too). Since he goes to bed with us around 10 or a little before, that’s been working well for our sleep too. During the day he takes about four naps and we’ve gotten into more of a routine with it… I can mostly predict when he’ll be ready for a nap (especially when he starts whining haha) and I’ll swaddle him up, give him his binky, rock him and sing to him for a few minutes, and then put him in the bassinet with his bunny while he’s still slightly awake. Then he goes to sleep by himself! I’m hoping to keep this up and get him on a schedule based on his natural sleep patterns during the day so that things are more predictable and consistent for him.


Eating: We’re still going strong with breastfeeding and it just keeps getting better and better! I love that I can sustain his health and growth entirely from my own body, and he seems to love it too. 🙂 His latch is fantastic now and he makes the funniest noises while he’s eating. If I’m feeding him and he suddenly unlatches himself for whatever reason and can’t get back on, he’ll legitimately grunt loudly in anger until I help him hahaha. He still eats every 2-3 hours during the day but I’m trying to work on progressing him to a consistent 2.5 or 3 hours stretch. He’s a hungry boy, though! Eating is probably his favorite thing to do.


Milestones: This month has been fun with the milestones. He’s getting stronger by the day and is really good with his head control. I can hold him upright in my arms and he barely needs any neck support at all! He loves to sit propped up with pillows or in my dad’s big chair and observe the world around him. His legs are getting so strong and if you help him into a standing position he can hold his own weight up pretty well. He smiles when he sees us (aaaadorable, I can’t take it) and has gotten so good at following us with his eyes and even his whole head. He absolutely knows the sound of my voice and will look around until he finds me, even if he’s around a bunch of other people. He’s started to move his hands more intentionally now (usually to his mouth to suck on them) and sometimes if I’m holding his hand he’ll move it up to his mouth and suck on one of my fingers. A few times I’ve put a toy in his hand and he’s hung on to it and even tried to put that in his mouth too! I’ve noticed that he’s also experimenting with chewing these days and sometimes prefers to chew on my finger rather than suck on it. His laugh absolutely kills me every time he does it (it’s this squeaky little gasp that sometimes makes him cough) and luckily he thinks I’m hilarious so I hear it quite often. 🙂




Loves: Me and Alex, watching us make silly faces, eating (who doesn’t?), his bunny and his binky, interesting noises (he’ll stop and lift one eyebrow when he hears something new), going outside, being walked around different places, being in his wrap, chatting with his “animal friends” (the animal pictures hanging above his changing table), kicking on his playmat, his hands and feet being played with, being held belly-to-belly and bounced around, and he loves when I kiss him on the face (which works out well because I love that too!).


IMG_5161 IMG_5131

IMG_5168 IMG_5121Hates: Oh my sweet boy. He’s such a sensitive little dude. Lately he’s been in this phase where he just fusses and cries until someone picks him up and walks him around. He’s usually fine in the mornings but the afternoons/evenings are hard for him and he constantly wants to be snuggled or entertained (or to eat haha). He gets bored of things quickly and isn’t content to just sit on his own for more than a few minutes (sometimes he surprises us, though). From what I’ve read this fussy period usually ends around 3 months and I’m guessing that once he’s able to do more things on his own (grab things, roll over, etc.) he’ll be much happier. I can already tell that he’s one of those kids who just wants to get on with it already and do things on his own. He also definitely hates his car seat if the car is not in motion (like, say, at a stoplight. look out.) and he still doesn’t like getting dressed (but only when I have to put his arms through the sleeves).

Oh the drama. “Someone hooold meeee.”

Sounds: I looove all his new noises! He’s working on his laugh and he makes the happiest little cooing sounds when he’s playing with me (and even when he’s playing by himself). My favorite thing is when he’s calm and in my arms and he looks up at me, smiles a teeny little smile, and starts cooing ever so softly and sweetly. I’ll start talking to him too and he’ll coo back in response. He tells the very best stories. 😉


Things I want to remember: The way you fling your arms around happily while you laugh your gaspy little laugh, how your cheeks are so chubby that they’ve started dimpling up on the sides near your eyes, how you pound on your playmat keyboard with your feet, how excited you get when I turn my phone’s front-facing camera on you so you can see yourself, how you stretch when you first wake up with both arms up and your legs curled in, how you rub your eyes when you’re tired, the way you start kicking one of your legs really hard and fast when you start feeling stressed, how adorable you looked in your Halloween costume this month, the way your face looks when you’re casually thinking (bottom lip stuck out, eyebrows slightly raised, double chin in all its glory), and the way your face looks when you’re seriously thinking (lips slightly pursed, eyebrows furrowed, eyes intense). And I definitely want to remember the way you open your mouth as wide as it will go in a giant smile when I go in to kiss your little lips. ❤

IMG_5065 IMG_5185 IMG_5178

IMG_4820 IMG_4847 IMG_4835

IMG_5116 IMG_5031 DSC_1615


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Month number two has been a blast. 🙂 We love you so much Jameson and we thank God every day for blessing us with you. ❤


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