Three months of Jameson

As much as my heart aches that my baby is growing up before my eyes (at three months, he’s no longer considered a “newborn”), there is absolutely nothing I love more than watching Jameson learn new things and discover the world around him. He is such a curious and engaged little boy. I joke that he’s an old soul because he’s acted so beyond his real age since day one. This month has definitely brought us the biggest changes so far and as much as I miss those constant sleepy newborn cuddles, seeing my son alert and happy and captivated by everything around him has been such a blessing and so much fun! I love his little personality and I love showing him as much about the world as I can. Here’s where we stand for month three of Jameson…


Weight & Length: We don’t have another well-visit scheduled until he’s four months so I’m not sure of his percentile ranking or his official length, but I weighed myself + Jameson and found out that he’s 14.8 lbs! That’s 1.7 lbs heavier than last month! Yay JimmyJam!


Clothing: He’s moved right on out of 0-3 month clothes (except for like one or two outfits that seem to run big) and into the 3-6 month stuff. I actually spent an afternoon going through all his clothes, reorganizing everything, and packing away his newborn and 0-3 month things until the next time we have a baby boy (or someone else needs the clothes). I cried a little, put a few of the extra special things in Jameson’s memory box that I’ve been keeping, and then got excited about all his cute 3-6 month outfits. Dressing a baby is fun. 🙂 As for the diapers, he’s still in size 1 but I don’t know how much longer that will last.

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Eyes & Hair: He has lighter hair than Alex and I have, but it’s not all the way brown or all the way red. Somewhere in between, and getting thicker every day. His eyes confuse the heck out of me because sometimes I swear they’re dark brown and then he’s in the light and I’m convinced they’re green. I think they’re confused about what they are too haha. Apparently baby’s eyes can change colors until they’re one so maybe we won’t really know for sure for awhile. Either way, I love looking into them and seeing them light up when he gets happy or interested or excited.

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Sleep: His sleep at night is still solid (praise Jesus). He usually sleeps for 5-6 hours at first (sometimes less if he’s napped a lot during the day but never less than 4 hours), wake up and eat, sleep for another 3 or so, eat again, and then wake up for the day 2 hours later. We’re still co-sleeping which some people are totally against, but it’s been working great for us. I actually feel sick at the thought of one day making him sleep down the hall in his own room. I may have a bit of separation anxiety when it comes to my son haha. During the day I’ve been trying to only let him sleep in his crib or sometimes our bed (no more swing naps, for the most part) so that he’s used to going to sleep without movement. He’s pretty predictable for when he’s ready for a nap throughout the day so we’re on a kind of loose schedule, but he almost always only naps for 40 minutes. Like exactly 40 minutes. I don’t know how he does it. So because of that, he often takes like five 40-minute naps throughout the day, which works fine for him but can be hard on me (do you know how much you can get done in 40 minutes? not much). Oh well, he’s sleeping great at night so I can’t really complain. And as long as he’s happy and healthy and alert for the times he’s awake, I’m fine with his schedule.

IMG_5416IMG_5751IMG_5626IMG_5522Eating: Breastfeeding has been such a joy for me and Jameson has been loving it too. Now that he’s becoming more aware of his surroundings, sometimes he’ll pause his eating, look up to see me, and give me the biggest smile in the world. It’s probably one of my favorite things he does. He also loves to grab onto my shirt with his hands while he’s eating…a new skill he’s been working on. It’s so darn cute. 🙂 He wants to eat every 2-3 hours still (unless he’s sleeping), although if I’m being honest it’s usually closer to 2 hours at a time. I would like him to be able to stretch it to 3 hours but if he needs to eat, he needs to eat and I’m not going to deny him food just because he’s not following a set schedule. Giving up my Type-A need to control things is a new skill that I’ve been working on. 😉


Milestones: Every month I say it’s been my favorite month for milestones and this month I have to say it again haha. Seriously, three months is such a fun age! Jameson gets better and better every day at holding his head up during tummy time, he turns his head to watch me walk around the room if he’s on the floor playing, he knows my voice and tries to find me if he hears me coming, he’s started to really love the bath and splashes like crazy the entire time, and just last week (literally all at once) he discovered he can do amazing things with his hands. He’ll hold his fists up in front of his eyes and watch them in amazement, he practices whacking his toys if they’re dangling in front of him, and he even grasps them all on his own. I’ll look away for a second and look back and he’ll have his fingers wrapped around a toy and be trying to get it to his mouth! I’m impressed by him every day. He loves feeling the textures of different things so I try to give him a variety of fun things to explore with his newly-found hands. I love watching him play and learn. 🙂 Oh and the other day he rolled from his belly to his back twice in a row! Granted he was on a very slight incline but still! Alex was right there to see it too and we both just looked at each other with our mouths wide open. Our baby is about to be on the move.

IMG_5495IMG_5775IMG_5914Sounds: This is another fun one! He’s been cooing and practicing different intonations and volume levels (haha) and will try to have little conversations with me. He coos at me, I imitate the sound back to him, and we go back and forth like that for as long as he wants. He also laughed for real for the first time this month and I caught it on video! I can usually get him to laugh at least once a day so that’s usually my goal. 😉 It’s seriously my favorite sound in the entire world.

IMG_5630IMG_5516 Loves: So many things these days! But he especially loves my undivided attention (no problem, I love giving it to him), splashing in the bath, grabbing things with his hands, eating, playing with Alex and grabbing his hair/beard (lol), going outside, being carried facing out so he can see the world, playing on his playmat, the Christmas lights on our tree, and listening to interesting sounds we make for him (he’ll stop, listen, think for a second, and if he decides it was funny…he’ll smile super big, squeal, and wait for us to do it again. Otherwise he’ll just look at us like he can’t believe we would think that was a funny noise. He’s a tough crowd sometimes).

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Hates: When I put his arms through the sleeves of his onesies and shirts (but just that part…the rest of getting dressed is totally a breeze!), getting into his car seat, and when we have to suck the boogers out of his nose (understandable). Oh and he clearly hates when I squish his face like this:


Things I want to remember: The way you light up the second you see me, all your intense and curious reactions to surprising new things (like if I cough or sneeze), the face you make when you’re trying so hard to grab something with your little hand (eyebrows furrowed and your lips puckered out), the way your daddy bops you gently around to get you to sleep (and the way he continues to bop around even when he’s not holding you, just out of habit haha), picking out our first Christmas tree with you, how particular you are about what makes you smile and how you’d sometimes rather quietly think about things than smile, the way you love having little conversations with me, and how everything seems to be so much better when I’m holding you.




Listening intently

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We’re so thankful for three beautiful months with you, Jameson Andrew! You are the best part of every day. We love you so much and can’t wait to see how much you learn and grow in month four!

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