Alex Appreciation Post


Dear Alex,

You inspire me. I often wonder how I came to be so blessed as to have you all to myself. You make everything look so easy, so effortless. But I know it’s not.

You’re a full-time employee, a full-time student, a full-time husband, and now a full-time father. Everyone always needs something from you and you give your help so freely, all the time. At work, you fix your coworkers’ problems. For school, you fix your professors’ problems. At home you fix my problems, Jameson’s problems, and sometimes you even fix Charlie’s problems (like when he poops out a shoelace he ate or whatever). I can’t imagine being needed by so many people for so many different reasons, but you never complain.

I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but there was a time near the beginning of our relationship where I distinctly remember thinking, “This is the man God made for me.” I was stressed and anxious that day and I started having a panic attack over something I can’t even remember now. You found me curled up on the floor of the walk-in closet in your old room, trying to hide from problems I needed to face. I expected you to laugh or maybe roll your eyes or even get mad at me, but of course you didn’t do any of those things. Without saying a single word, you immediately laid down right next to me on that closet floor, as if it was the most natural thing we could have been doing.

I think that’s when I started crying…not because of the stress, but because I was so overwhelmed by your gentle compassion for me. I didn’t deserve it then and I still don’t deserve it now, but you always choose to meet me where I am and quietly care for me in exactly the way I need. You have never once, since the day we met, let me carry my burdens on my own and for that I am continually and immeasurable thankful. You are remarkable, my sweet husband.

Our love looks different now that we have our son, but you still care for me in exactly the ways I need. What used to be sappy love letters, late night phone calls, donut surprises, and extravagant Valentine’s gifts are now quiet moments together watching Jameson play, whispers over his sleepy little body “Oh he’s just so cute!”, surprises here and there of household chores completed, and you gently lifting our baby from my tired hands and saying, “Don’t worry, I can take him.” Yes, our love looks different now…but in all the best ways.

I want you to know how much I appreciate you and love you. I love your sweetness and silliness towards our son. I love your steadiness in my weaknesses. I love that you’re not afraid of hard work and that you welcome challenges. I love your mind and your curiosity and your unquenchable desire for more of Jesus. In fact, right now on the little table next to your side of the bed there are about six books of theology you’re consistently working through, on top of your usual Bible reading. You want to know Jesus more and I’ve seen so many ways He’s honored and used that for His glory over our years together.

Today, and every day, I hope you know how privileged I feel to be your wife. You’ve given me the very best life (and a super cute son). We love you so so much. Thank you for all you do for us.




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