Five months of Jameson

Oh my big boy! Five months old already?! How is it that five months of pregnancy creeps slowly along like a decrepit old snail but then five months with your infant speeds right on by? Not fair! Oh but five months old is such a fun place to be. 🙂 Here’s the latest in the world of Jameson Andrew…


Weight & Length: We didn’t have a well-visit for this month, but I weighed Jameson earlier this week and he was around 16.4 lbs. That’s about a pound bigger than last month! What a delicious chunk.


Clothing: He’s still in 3-6 month stuff if it’s from Gymboree (they run a little big) but if it’s from Carter’s or Gerber (or really anywhere else) he’s in the 6 month or 9 month size. Diapers are a solid size 3 now!

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Eyes & Hair: His hair is staying pretty light, although it’s definitely more brown than red. According to my parents, my hair was super light when I was a baby so it’s possible that soon his will go dark brown like mine did. I swear his eyes change day by day but in general they’re dark greenish-brown with that newborn blue still on the outer edges.

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Sleep: It’s a slow process, but we’re finally getting back on track with his sleeping (although I don’t want to speak too soon!). He’s been sleeping in his crib at night for about a month now and at first, he was waking up every two hours like a newborn. So rough. But we kept at it and I’m so glad we did because now he’s back down to only one or two wakes during the night, usually around 3-4am to eat and again a couple hours later (technically “morning” but he can sleep until 8:30 or even 9 some days). Occasionally he’ll wake up other times during the night but since we started sleep training, he’s pretty much learned how to get himself back to sleep on his own (which was our whole goal in the first place). And I really don’t mind that 3am feeding anyway…I know eventually he’ll drop it altogether so for now, it’s totally fine with me. I still miss having him near me all night long, but I have to admit that it’s nice being free to stretch out and roll over without worrying that I’ll crush my child haha. Plus, Alex usually brings Jameson into bed with me when he’s leaving for work, so I still get some cozy snuggles every morning (one of my favorite parts of the whole day).

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Fell asleep watching Charlie play.
How I find him after naps
“I’m awake!”

Eating: We’re still exclusively breastfeeding, although we’re “allowed” to start feeding him a few types of baby foods if we want to. Alex and I decided to delay it until 6 months though because…why not? He’s getting everything he needs from me and it’ll give his little belly time to mature some more. He’s on a pretty solid natural schedule of going 3 hours between feedings and I usually also give him a bit of water throughout the day in his sippy cup, which he loves loves lovessss. It’s so funny to see how excited he gets for that cup haha. If we even pass by it when it’s sitting on the counter, he immediately starts reaching and jumping out of my arms for it! Too adorable. 🙂 IMG_6928

Milestones: He’s gotten really good at rolling from his back to his belly, so he spends most of his play time on his tummy these days. He’s also getting good at doing little baby push-ups and occasionally he’ll roll from his belly to his back, although at this point it seems mostly accidental haha. He’ll get the hang of it soon, I’m sure! He can sit up by himself for short periods of time before he gets tired or loses his balance and flops over, and he’s getting so grabby. Nothing is safe anymore. If I just walk through the kitchen with him, he’s trying to swipe anything that’s even remotely close to him haha. He also found his feet this month, which (combined with his rolling and wiggling and reaching and grabbing) has made diaper changes a very comical affair.

IMG_6755Processed with VSCOcam with c3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c3 presetSounds: He’s so close to official babbling, I just know it! He’s becoming super vocal beyond just his usual happy coos and squeals and loves to practice “talking” to himself (“laa waa blaa bwaa!”). I can feel a “ba ba ba” or a “da da da” coming on soon, which makes me THE MOST EXCITED EVER because I love speech and language and I love hearing his voice. Eeeeep!


Loves: Since he loves pretty much anything he’s allowed to touch, this is a pretty broad category. But here are some of his absolute favorites this month… Me and Alex (as usual), both of my sisters (he especially loves when his Aunt Christina aka Aunt Chuck plays peek-a-boo with him), his cousin Madelyn, his sippy cup, practicing his sounds and making silly noises, watching Charlie and playing tug-of-war with him (Charlie always wins but Jameson thinks it’s hilarious anyway), bouncing in his bumper jumper, practicing rolling, going outside on walks, watching the mobile his Aunt Vikki made, listening to Alex talk, being tossed in the air (he’s kind of a major thrill-seeker), watching whatever I’m doing, taking baths, being stark naked, and exploring whatever he can get his hands on.


Hates: He hates a few specifics like getting dressing, getting his nose cleaned out, and getting strapped in the car seat (although he is getting somewhat better with that). But the main thing he hates is…change. No surprise there, though. I am the worst at dealing with change. Alex is better, but both of us like our routines and we both like being at home. Jameson is the exact same way. When we’re out and about, he doesn’t really like being passed around and he gets anxious if there are too many people and noises and bright lights. If I’m holding him or Alex is holding him, he’s usually fine…but if it’s anyone else, it’s kind of hit or miss. That’s okay, though. I completely understand how he feels and I don’t mind keeping him close if it helps him feel safe.

Oh but his little pouty face is so cute!


Things I want to remember: The way you reach up to touch my face and explore around while you’re nursing and how you fling your arm and head around when you hear an interesting noise nearby, how your daddy would do literally anything for you (even things he refuses to do for me! I tell him I’m freezing and want the heat on…nada. Your little hand is slightly chilly…boom, the heat is cranked up), the way you suck your fingers to put yourself to sleep, your happy screams while you’re bouncing in your bumper jumper, how you reach up to gently touch my lips as your way of saying good morning, the way you still sometimes grab things without using your thumb (hahaha. you just reach out with four fingers and hope you’ll be able to grab it), and how much you love when I kiss your adorable little cheeks!


“Who disturbs my snuggling?”
First car ride together!


“Hello? Who’s there?”


Baby’s first selfie


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As always, it’s been such a fun month with Jameson. 🙂 I honestly don’t know how we ever lived without him! He makes every day so much brighter and happier and full of love. We are so thankful to God for you, sweet little one! Thank you for making us the happiest people in the world. We love you!!!

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