Six months of Jameson

This last month has FLOWN by and now I’m sitting here all emotional over the fact that my itty bitty baby is now half a year old! He’s basically an adult. Might as well start his college application tomorrow because that’s how fast he’s growing up. I’m in absolute mommy heaven with this little boy and every day seriously just gets better and better! Here’s what’s new this month…


Weight & Length: At his well visit this week he weighed in at 17 lbs, 10 oz (50th-75th percentile range). That’s about a pound bigger than last month! He’s 27 inches tall now, which is the 50th-75th percentile range as well. And just look at those delicious rolls!

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Clothing: Still in some (very few) 3-6 month clothes if they’re from Gymboree, but mostly everything is 6-9 month or just plain old 9 month stuff. Diapers are still size 3! (Thank goodness, we still have a bunch.)

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Eyes & Hair: He gets so many compliments on his eyes, which seem to change color every day. If he wears green, they look green. If he wears dark colors, they look brown. I love them in any color and I love his gorgeous lashes. Lucky boy. 😉 His hair is getting a little longer and still mostly the same light brown/slightly red color that it’s been for awhile.


Sleep: I’m so proud of this boy! He naps pretty regularly (sometimes for 40 minutes, but more recently he’s been starting to go for an hour and a half at a time) and usually goes down without a peep. When I see he’s getting sleepy I spend a few minutes rocking him and singing to him, put him in the crib with his blanket, and he’s usually out within a few minutes. Sometimes he’ll fuss for a bit but then he’s totally fine! He’s still waking up once a night around 3-5am to eat (I think it’s more of a comfort thing at this point) but I don’t mind getting up for a few minutes with him if he wants me to. Then he’s usually up for the day around 7-7:30! Alex usually brings him into the bed with me before he leaves for work so we spend the last hour or so snuggling in the big bed, which has become one of my favorite things.


Fell asleep on the swing!

Eating: We started introducing solids a week or two ago and so far it’s been pretty uneventful haha. Rice cereal was first and now we’re onto oat cereal for most of his “meals,” but we’ve also been letting him try what he wants from our plates if it’s baby-friendly (cooked carrots, peas, that sort of thing). He was really into the carrots but besides that, everything else is just kind of a flop. He doesn’t dislike anything, but he doesn’t really care about food either. We’re still breastfeeding for the bulk of his caloric intake and just sort of adding in little meals between his nursing to get him used to different flavors and textures. Because of the solids, though, he’s starting to go longer stretches before wanting to nurse again (usually close to 4 hours). It’s been so much fun watching his funny faces while he tries new foods, but I’m still holding tight to our times of nursing because I know I’ll probably never stop crying once he’s done breastfeeding for good haha.


First time feeding his son.

Milestones: This has been a big month for Jameson with physical milestones! He’s gaining so much independence and loving every second of it, I can tell. The biggest milestone is probably that he’s starting to crawl! Everyone is shocked that he’s getting the hang of it this early (he started a couple weeks ago), but Jameson has always wanted to do things on his own and he’s such a determined little dude. Plus, strong. 🙂 He hasn’t figured out how to crawl on his hands and knees yet (although he gets up there and rocks back and forth), but he’s getting pretty speedy with the army crawl! He’s mostly stable with sitting up now and I can leave him sitting and playing with toys for longer periods of time without worrying that he’ll topple over. And, of course, he’s super grabby and curious about everything.

IMG_7770Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

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Sounds: He loves chatting to himself (and sometimes his friends, especially his cousin Madelyn) and his absolute favorite new sound right now is the raspberry haha. My shirts usually end up covered in spit because he’ll just blow raspberries with his tongue over and over and over again! So cute. 🙂

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Giggling in the sunlight.
Blowing a raspberry 🙂

Loves: Playing with me and Alex (especially when we toss him up in the air), his Fisher-Price singing puppy (how we keep him happy in the car), his bumper jumper of course, music (especially when Alex plays guitar), being held and doing things with mommy, his sippy cup, when we clean his ears (haha), Charlie and all of Charlie’s toys (which is also super frustrating for him because he just wants to eat all of Charlie’s chew toys), his blanket for sleep, his cousin Madelyn, bath time, swings, books (especially “Llama Llama Red Pajama” and “Oh Baby Go Baby”), and being active and exploring everything he can get his hands on!

IMG_7820Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

IMG_7716IMG_7652IMG_7183Hates:  Long car rides (he’s been getting better though) and too much stimulation or change all at once. He’s one of those kids who needs time to warm up to new people and new places, but once he does he’s as happy as can be!

Sad baby because I wasn’t walking him around.

Things I want to remember: The way you reach for everything in sight with total confidence (even if it’s across the room and way out of your reach), how your nose gets all scrunched up when you drink from your sippy cup, the way your chubby cheeks get smushed against your shoulder when you turn your face, how you hang on to my hip with your legs when I’m holding you and you’re worried I might put you down or hand you off to someone you don’t want to be with, how when we’re laying right net to each other in the mornings you still have to stretch your whole little arm out to touch my face, the way you furrow your eyebrows every time something you don’t quite understand happens, how you sometimes stretch your arms to touch the top of your head but they barely reach, and the way you light up every time you see me and get so excited when your daddy comes home from work.

How picture-taking usually goes.
“Good morning, Mommy.”


Thinks he can reach the camera.




We are so head over heels for you, sweet little one! You are the best part of every single day, and we’ll spend the rest of our lives praising Jesus that we get to be the ones you call mommy and daddy. ❤


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