Seven months of Jameson

Life with this little boy is absolute bliss. I guess that’s how most mommies feel, but I’m secretly convinced that Alex and I got the best tiny bff out there. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seven months is such a blast with Jameson! He is the silliest, sweetest, jolliest, and most fun little guy ever and I just feel so thankful that he’s all ours. Here’s a peek into our life with Jameson at seven months old…


Weight & Length: We didn’t have a well-visit for this month so I’m not sure of his height or his percentile rankings, but I weighed him at home and he’s 18.8 lbs!

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Clothing: He’s in all 6-9 month (or just 9 month) clothes now and still size 3 for diapers. I’ve gotten him a few things for summer, but I’m most excited about these two adorable bathing suits that my mom got for him! We tried them on him and he looks so darn cute, and I just know he’s going to love the pool this summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Eyes & Hair: His eyes are still that newborn blue on the outer edges, with a deep olive green in the middle. I guess I might call them hazel if someone asked me…but I really don’t know haha. They change all the time. His hair is still light brown for the most part, but the new hair that’s growing in is blonde! For so long I thought he had this bald spot on the back of his head, but then one day we were standing in the sun and I saw that it’s just really blonde hair. Who knows if it will stay blonde, but I kind of love it for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC_4795IMG_8343Sleep: Well, he’s mostly done with wanting to nurse during the night, which I half love and half hate because I’ll miss our nighttime snuggles. He goes to bed between 8:30-9pm and sleeps through until usually 5-6am. Alex is usually up getting ready for work so he’ll bring Jameson into bed with me, I’ll feed him and then he snuggles with me until we’re up for the day around 7:30 or 8. His nap schedule is about the same as last month…three naps during the day (one morning, one afternoon, and one early evening) for 40 minutes to about an hour and half each. It’s been great! He gets himself to sleep on his own for the most part, usually by sucking his two first fingers on his right hand and cuddling his blankie. Oh it’s so so cute!

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Loves to sleep with his tushy up!

Eating: From the way this kid nurses, I thought for sure he’d be super stoked about solid foods. NOPE! I’m pretty sure if I just stopped giving him solids, he wouldn’t even notice. He’s just kind of blah about everything we try. He sort of likes pears with oatmeal and the other night he ate a bunch of sweet potato baby food, but besides that and his Puffs there’s nothing he actually gets excited about. Plus he seems to change his mind about what he likes day by day, which is nice and confusing for me. In general he tends to reach for whatever food Alex and I are eating so we’ve been doing a bit more of the baby-led weaning approach to solids, but sometimes it’s hard because not everything we eat is baby-friendly (like hot wings haha). I’ve been trying to make foods Jameson can try with our regular dinners (like corn or mashed potatoes or rice) so he can participate and we’ll just have to see if he starts branching out more soon. Otherwise, he’ll be just like his parents and be a super picky eater… I’m pretty sure I lived on hot dogs and mac and cheese as a child.


Loves the beans from Chipotle!

Milestones: He crawls up on his hands and knees now, he can hold his own sippy cup, and he’s started pulling himself up to stand on things! He’s only done it a few times but he gets so proud of himself when he does. ๐Ÿ™‚ He can go from crawling to sitting up (and vice versa) with ease, turns himself in any direction he wants to go in (I even saw him crawl backwards once), and he waves now too! I’m loving this stage so much.

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This is his determined face.

Sounds: He has lots of lovely conversations with himself all day as he’s playing, but my favorite is this really high pitched squeal that he does when he’s super happy. He opens his mouth as wide as he can, takes a deep breath and just goes “ahhhh!!!” as high as he can. Hahaha so funny. He also makes so many adorable and hilarious faces while he’s chatting or practicing his noises.

IMG_7879DSC_4888DSC_4356Loves: When daddy gets home from work, crawling and doing things by himself, standing with support, his bumper jumper still (although he’s almost too big for it), his blankie, his squeaky frog toys, bath time, his cousin Madelyn, riding in the shopping cart, playing with Charlie, being outside, listening to music, being with me & Alex, and playing with things he’s not supposed to have (shoes, remotes, calculators, Charlie’s food and water dishes, all of Charlie’s toys, and his absolute favorite is any sort of wire. Alex and I joke that it’s his superpower to be able to find every wire in the house because he seems to just mysteriously know where all of them are).

Caught red-handed


When Daddy gets home from work!

IMG_8063IMG_7980IMG_7842IMG_7993Hates: Having too much change thrown at him all at once. He needs time to warm up to people before he decides he’ll play with them, which can be hard because people think he’s cute and want to interact with him before he’s ready. But once he decides that he likes you, he is just the sweetest little thing and will give you all sorts of cute baby giggles and flash you those dimples every two seconds. ๐Ÿ™‚ IMG_8239

Things I want to remember:ย How you look when you’re smiling and being carried away, how you wave to yourself instead of outward, the way you grab flat toys in your hand and just sit there flicking them back and forth, your fake little laugh (a really high pitched “heh heh heh!”), the way you’ve started peeking around things to see what’s behind, the way you sometimes sleep with your knees tucked under you and your booty up in the air, how you start breathing really fast out of your mouth when you’re super interested in crawling to something, the way you accidentally wail “aye yi yi!” when you’re very sad or annoued about something, the way you frequently crawl into my lap as your way of asking me to hold you, how you sometimes try to hide your smile when I know you actually think something is funny, and the way you’re always exploring the world around you.

Jameson & Hayden


Cheeks get caught on his shoulders!


Pumping iron with Grandpa.


Loves his Aunt Chuck. โค


His grumpy face.




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We fall more in love with you every day, sweet Jameson! You are our greatest blessing.


By the way…this is how most of his monthly pictures turn out these days. Lol.


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