Letter #10

May 6, 2016

Dear Jameson,

Almost eight months old already?! I’m not sure where the time is going. But I’m having so much fun with you. You are the perfect little sidekick! We do everything together. If I have some errands to run, you come with me. If I go to lunch with a friend, you’re right there having lunch too. If Daddy and I want to go on a date…well we haven’t gone on a date since you were born, and that’s on purpose. We’d much rather be with you.

You’re really such a fun person. You make us laugh all the time! Right now my favorite thing that you do is crawl around shouting “da, da, da, DA!” all day long to no one in particular. It’s so darn cute. I also love the face you make when I play peekaboo with you. You think it’s hilarious how I pop up out of no where and scare the crap out of you. You also love being tossed around in the air and playing rough with Daddy. I think you’re going to be a bit of a thrill seeker when you’re older. Maybe you’ll love roller coasters and those scary drop tower rides (like Tower of Terror in California Adventure) and we can ride them together! I love that kind of stuff too.

I think one of the best parts about being your mom is getting to see your personality develop more and more. Everything you do is so honest and so completely you. You have no one to impress, no one to put on a show for. You are unapologetically you 100% of the time and I love it. Every reaction you have shows exactly how you feel. When you love something, you show it with everything you have. When you hate something, you show that too. No pretending, no apologies. I wish I could be like that sometimes.

But even with how honest and passionate you are, you are still such a good boy. In fact, that’s the number one thing people comment on about you. Anywhere we go, we almost always get stopped at least one time by a friendly stranger telling me how lucky I am to have such a sweet, good-natured baby. I already know that, though. You are usually so happy and content and interested in everything around you and it shows. And, of course, you always get comments about how adorable you are. This is how it usually goes:

  1. Stranger says, “Awww he is such a good baby!”
  2. Stranger then says, “Look at those cheeks! They are so cute!”
  3. Stranger ends with, “I love his hair too.” (Because I usually give you a handsome combover haha)

And when you and Madelyn are together, forget about it. I’ve met so many nice and interesting people because of you two cuties! (I’ve also met a few creepers but there’s not much you can do about that.)

You really are just the best, Jimmy Jam. Every night after you go to sleep, your dad and I look at each other and say, “I miss him.” We can’t get enough of you and your sweet, joyful little self! The best days of our lives are these ones with you. You make us so so happy.

I love you so much, sweet boy. I love you and I’m praying for you always. I hope I can be as good to you as you are to me.



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