Nine months of Jameson

Jameson has officially been in the outside world for as long as he was inside my tummy. I can’t believe it! Only three more months and we’ll have to start counting our baby’s age in years. That’s so weird to me! I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. I’ll probably switch to less frequent updates at that point, maybe once every  3-6 months or so, and post about other things in between that (my tips & ideas, letters to Jameson, holiday recaps, and other random life happenings).

Aaaanyway. Here we go with month nine of the sweetest, most wonderful baby boy! ❤


Weight & Length: At his 9 month well visit he weighed in at 19 lbs, 4 oz which is actually less than he was last month. That’s the first time in his entire life that that’s happened! It’s only by a few ounces, though, and the doctor wasn’t concerned at all. In fact she said that this typically happens when babies become more active, which Jameson certainly has. He’s about 28 inches tall now and in the 36th percentile for both height and weight. And, ironically, the 37th for head circumference. Overall, pretty well-proportioned. 🙂

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Clothing: He’s in 12 month stuff for the most part, but the tricky part is finding shorts/pants that fit. His legs are so deliciously chubby that they need the 12 month size, but he isn’t super tall so his shorts are usually super long on him. But it’s okay, I’m sure he’ll grow into everything soon enough! We just switched to size 4 diapers which, again, was only because of his chunky legs. We have to pull them tight to fit around his waist but size 3 was just getting too snug around his thighs/buns.

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Hair & Eyes: His hair is so darn cute these days, getting all curly in the back! I LOVE it. I keep waiting for the top to curl too, but then my mom told me that my hair was only curly in the back and around the edges when I was little…so if his hair is like mine he might just have the kind of curls I had. The color is still the same mix as it’s been for awhile (light brown, red, blonde, and gold in the light). His eyes are the same deep olive/hazel they’ve been as well.


Sleep: We’re finally on a bit of set schedule for sleep. I kind of just decided that enough was enough and gave it a try based on his natural sleeping habits, and he responded to it really well! He wakes up around 6:30am (at which point Alex hangs out with him while he’s getting ready for work), naps around 9:30/10 and then again at 2 or 3 depending on how long his first nap was, and then he goes to bed at 8. With just two solid naps during the day (rather than the random cat naps he was taking), he’s been getting much better sleep. His naps are usually an hour and a half long each, sometimes a little longer or shorter, and he wakes up in a great mood. I should’ve tried this scheduling thing sooner! The only problem right now is that he wakes up at 4:30 every morning pretty much like clockwork. Alex brings him into our bed at that time, I nurse him, and he snuggles with us for a couple of hours. In general it’s fine and I love having him in bed with us, but sometimes he has trouble falling back to sleep and then he’s just wide awake for the day at like 5am. Not my favorite haha.

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Eating: He nurses throughout the day, usually every 4 hours or so, and he’s been loving eating real food lately (as opposed to baby food purees, which I rarely give him anymore because he just hates them). His favorites are vanilla yogurt (he’s obsesssseddd), Cheerios (also insanely obsessed), Nutrigrain Soft Bars (apple flavored), strawberries & blueberries, pineapple, any type of bread (especially croissants), mac ‘n cheese, Puffs, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese, and pizza (like father like son). But honestly, he’ll try anything we give him and he always wants to have what we have on our plates. He still prefers to nurse, though, and never eats a ton of regular food at one time.

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Loves frozen blueberries.


Milestones: He’s got his two bottom teeth now! Although one is more grown in than the other haha. I love when he randomly notices that he has them and he just starts running his tongue back and forth over them and looking all confused. Since he cut the second one he’s been in a much better mood, although he’s still gnawing at everything and his top gums are super swollen. I think more teeth will be popping through soon. He pulls himself up on everything (adorable until he’s in the bath and then it’s a circus act trying to keep him still to get clean) and he loves to cruise around the furniture (he’s getting really good). And just a couple of days ago he started really practicing standing on his own! He hoists himself up on something, lets go, and then kind of freezes like that for a few seconds. He still has to figure out the whole balance thing because he gets excited and then topples over (or I get excited and scare him haha) but he’s definitely got the strength to do it on his own. Ah, baby boy you don’t have to rush to grow up so fast! 😦

Look closely and you’ll see his little tooth!
Big kid car seats!


Communication: He loves to wave, he’s starting to clap (although not really in response to anything in particular), and he understands quite a few words and phrases. He babbles all the time and is starting to mix different consonant-vowel combinations together (“ba ma da” rather than just “ba ba ba”). He says “na na” when he’s upset and wants me (especially to nurse) but I don’t think it’s linked to one specific thing yet, so I don’t count it as a true word. But he’s getting close!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Babbling away with those gums 🙂

Loves: Mom and Dad, chasing Charlie around the house, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, when the commercials come on Spotify while we’re listening to music (so random and strange but he gets so excited every time), guitars (he will claw his way to a guitar whenever he sees one, even at church), the pool and all things water-related including his new kiddie pool, wires (ugh), “Llama Llama Red Pajama” and really all baby books, playing with blocks and balls, his cousin Madelyn, feeding himself, exploring our new house and the backyard, playing in the fridge, laying on the floor while Alex waves a blanket over his face (lol his favorite game), and getting into anything he’s not supposed to get into.

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetIMG_9423PWMT6166IMG_9407

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Reading some books 🙂
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
One of his favorite games.
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
First time in the pool!


Hates: Whenever you take something away from him that he really wanted (example: wires, Charlie’s toys, pieces of carpet that he wanted to eat, etc.). He is very vocal about his anger in this area haha. Also hates when I leave the room or put him down when he was hoping to be held. And I hate teething. Just…the worst.

Sad because I didn’t get him from his nap in 0.2 seconds.
First impressions of the car seats…not great haha.

Things I want to remember: How you sometimes actually kiss me when I say “Can I have a kiss?”, how you hook your foot on my hip when I’m holding you and try to fling yourself sideways to let me know you want to nurse, how adorable you look when I call your name as you’re crawling away and you turn around to sit and face me instead, the fact that you actually cry whenever a book ends (so sweet), the way you just chuck your sippy cup over the edge of your high chair to let me know you’re done with it, how you’ve started sitting on your knees to play sometimes (such a big boy!), the way you like to grab and hang onto your chubby little foot while you’re nursing, how you “clap” (really just you banging your fists together once or twice), your kicky legs when you’re on my hip and you see something you really want, all the funny ways you wake me up in the mornings (e.g., smushing your face into mine, poking my eyelids, laughing/babbling loudly, flicking my bottom lip up and down, etc.), and how much you love just being with me and your daddy.

IMG_9426Processed with VSCO with s3 presetIMG_9304IMG_9248IMG_9253

Baby feet ❤
Those cheeks.


Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

IMG_9166Processed with VSCO with s3 presetIMG_9192

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

First sick trip to the doctors due to a fever. 😦 He still looks so happy!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetIMG_9413IMG_9389Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Not impressed.

IMG_9350IMG_9308IMG_9275 (1)IMG_9276IMG_9256IMG_9229IMG_9242IMG_8986DSC_6351DSC_6275DSC_6173

Sharing his toys with Mr. Madelyn.
Found the Cheerios.
His guilty face.



When he saw Daddy was home from work.

We have so much fun with you, Jameson! You make us laugh every single day and we love watching you grow and learn. You are our greatest blessing and we’re so thankful that God entrusted us with wonderful you. The world is a better place because you’re in it, and I hope you always believe that. We love you baby. ❤




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