Madelyn’s first birthday party


Happy first birthday to my tiny, perfect niece! I’m still in a little bit of denial that she’s already one. When you’re a kid, time feels like it draaags on for everything…you have to wait so long before you’re old enough to stay home alone, to get your license, to live in your own place. But then suddenly you’re an adult and time moves by faster and faster with every passing year. This past year completely zoomed by! It feels like I was just meeting Madelyn at the hospital yesterday, just getting to hold her little 5 pound self for the first time. But here we are, June 22nd and a whole year has gone by. She is even more beautiful and fun and wonderful than I ever could have imagined, but she’s my sister’s daughter so I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise.

This past weekend was Madelyn’s first birthday party. It was ducky-themed of course (some kids have a favorite stuffed animal or a blanket or a doll…Madelyn has her rubber duck haha) and it was held at my in-laws’ gorgeous house. The party itself was pretty small (mostly family) but it was packed with so much love and so much fun! I took most of the pictures to document the day (with some taken by Madelyn’s grandma Denise) and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today. 🙂


Photo by Denise Sotebeer
Photo by Denise Sotebeer
Photo by Denise Sotebeer
Photo by Denise Sotebeer
Photo by Denise Sotebeer
Photo by Denise Sotebeer
Photo by Denise Sotebeer


Photo by Denise Sotebeer
Photo by Denise Sotebeer
Photo by Denise Sotebeer


Happy first birthday, sweet Madelyn Grace! Thank you for all the joy and light you bring us. We love you!


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