Ten months of Jameson

Ten months is so much fun! I thought I would be more emotional as we get closer and closer to Jameson’s first birthday, but I’m honestly just loving every new stage. Each month is better than the last and I love seeing Jameson learn and experience new things. Alex says this is his favorite stage so far (this and the newborn stage) and I totally agree. There are so many wonderful things about life with Jameson at ten months!

DSC_7068 (1)

Weight & Length: No well visit until his 1 year appointment (crazy, I feel like we were just bringing our squirmy little two-day-old to his very first appointment) so I don’t know his percentile rankings or height, but I weighed him myself and he’s about 21 lbs, which is two more than he was last month!

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Clothing: Still in mostly the 12 month size, although some of his shorts and pants need to be bigger to fit those chunky thighs. Diapers are still size 4 and I’m guessing he’ll be in those for awhile.

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One of my favorites that he fits in right now, from his Aunt Catherine. 🙂

Hair & Eyes: His hair is still a mix of colors and still adorably curly in the back. I can’t get enough of those curls! I especially love when he wakes up from a good nap and his curls are extra fuzzy and pointing every which way. So cute! His eyes are still that deep olive green and he’s got the best eyelashes ever.


Sleep: Scheduling has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for us. Jameson is doing so well with napping! He gets up around 6:30am, takes one morning nap and one afternoon nap (usually around the same time every day, unless he wakes up extra early or extra late), and then is ready for bed by 8pm. He’s still waking up at like 5 every morning (at which point Alex brings him into our bed) and I keep telling myself we’ll work on it…but I just love the cuddles every morning too much! I can’t do it yet haha. Maybe next month. But probably not. 🙂



Eating: We’re still nursing pretty consistently but he eats big boy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. His favorites right now are Cheerios, yogurt, waffles, all kinds of bread, those fruit and veggie squeezies by Beechnut, Puffs, chicken nuggets, pretty much any fruit, pizza (yup), and…ice cream/cookies/anything dessert-related haha. We’ve only given him a few tastes of certain things, but homeboy already has a major sweet tooth. A boy after my own heart!

Holding hands and eating nuggets.
Murdered some blueberries.


Milestones: He’s got three teeth (two on the bottom, one on the top) with the other top tooth about to break through. We got him his first toothbrush and baby toothpaste (no fluoride so it’s safe to swallow) and we practice brushing every day. He learned how to drink from a straw this month, and he can stand alone for long periods of time now. He can even hold toys and play while standing without support! Plus he learned how to stand up straight from the floor (doesn’t need to hold onto anything to get up anymore). And the big one this month…he took his first steps!!! His first unassisted step was on June 22nd (my niece’s birthday), he took another one a few days later, and then on June 29th he took three steps in a row towards my best friend. 🙂 Such a sweet moment! Ever since then he’s been taking one or two steps here and there and one night he walked five steps in a row, but mostly he still prefers the tried and true crawling. He’s fast and he knows it. 😉


Looking like such a big boy in his first pair of sneakers!



Look closely for the teeth!

Communication: One of his favorite games these days is getting people to copy him! He’ll make a noise, wait to see if you’ll imitate him, and then keep going back and forth as long as you’ll play. His favorite noise to try and get you to copy is a fake cough hahah. Such a ham! He loves to babble all the time and tries to imitate patterns that I do (like “eh eh eh” after I say “yay yay yay,” or “ah ah” for “uh oh”). My favorite “word” he says usually happens when he’s playing by himself…he’ll just go, “DAT!” in a high squeaky voice (with an emphasis on the “t” sound) over and over again. So cute! He also got really good at clapping this month and uses that to show you he’s happy or to see if you’ll clap along with him.

The fake cough.

(Saying “ba ba ba”)

Loves: Reading, swimming, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and anything having to do with Mickey, opening and closing things (especially cabinets and doors), when I sing him songs (favorites are “A Bushel and a Peck,” “I’m a Little Teapot,” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”), playing with everything inside the kitchen cabinets (especially the strainers, mixing bowls, and pots/pans), sliding stuff along the floor, anything with wheels (like his new Hot Wheels car), destroying paper, chasing Charlie around, playing in his kiddie pool, hangin’ with cousin Madelyn and really his whole immediate family, girls with blonde hair (lol. don’t know why, but it’s almost always true.), my best friend Brittany, reading books (still especially “Llama Llama Red Pajama” but now also “A Kissing Hand for Chester Raccoon” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”), having people over our house to play, piggyback rides, hide-and-go-seek (really just me hiding and calling his name and him coming to find me), and of course being around his mommy and daddy. 🙂



Reading “Llama Llama Red Pajama” with his actual Llama



Photo by Denise Sotebeer


Hates: When I close the dishwasher before he can get there to touch all the dirty dishes, not being allowed to play in Charlie’s water bowl and splash it all over his face, having to come inside (or not being allowed outside), basically getting anything he wanted taken away from him, and when I walk out of a room without picking him up and bringing him with me (this is mostly cute, though).

Oh so sad because we came inside instead of playing in the 110 degree heat.

Things I want to remember: How cute you look when you stand with your little chubby legs kind of squatted, the scrunched up face you make when you’re all done eating and I’ve tried to give you another bite, how excited you get about new things and how you still do that thing where you start breathing really loud and fast with your mouth and eyes wide open, the way you eat your fruit and veggie squeezies like a big boy, the way you come a-runnin’ whenever you hear or see food being eaten, how you sit up on your knees and reach your arms up to tell me you want to be held, how you like to hide behind things and then poke your head out to surprise me, the way you try to get me to play and laugh with you (like tackling my back and then looking to see if I’m smiling), how quiet and thoughtful you get during our reading time, how you lay on your belly and peek under the couches/bed/dresser, all the funny places I’ve found you (under the bed, in the cabinets, behind the door, etc.), how curious you are to see how things work, and how much you love love love me and your daddy.


“Can I help you, Mommy?”
“MOM, I said I was all done eating!!!”




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Happy Father’s Day!
Photo by Denise Sotebeer
Photo by Denise Sotebeer





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Grabbed the cream cheese from the fridge.


Bonked his head on the way out from under the bed haha.


First thing he’s put in the toilet. Oye.

IMG_9757Processed with VSCO with s2 presetIMG_9771IMG_9691Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Photo by Denise Sotebeer


“Sup ladies.”

Processed with VSCO with c2 presetProcessed with VSCO with s2 presetIMG_9867

IMG_9868Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Ten months with you has been a dream, Squish. ❤ We love you so much, we pray for you daily, and we can’t wait to see everything you accomplish this next month!




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