Bumpdate – 37 Weeks

I can’t believe we’re here already! Baby #3 is officially full-term and welcome to make an appearance any time! (Although I’m kinda hoping it’s after next week, I have a fun week in school planned for the kids 😂) Jameson was born at 39 weeks + 6 days and Nora was born at 38 weeks + 4 days, so we’ll see when this little one decides to debut! Our official due date is September 8th.

Part of me still doesn’t quite believe we’re adding another person to our family so soon. Honestly this pregnancy, while it flew by in many ways, has also been my most difficult. A lot of personal health issues have come up for me and it’s been very challenging to deal with them. So challenging, in fact, that Alex and I really haven’t spent the time thinking and dreaming and imagining our soon-to-be family of five as much as I would have liked.

Part of that might also be because we have two other children who need attention and we just don’t have the same kind of time we had in previous pregnancies. We also haven’t had as much to do/prepare for the new baby because we already had most of the necessities. But I think really, this pregnancy has been so largely about just getting through safely that we’ve missed out on a lot of the fun anticipation. And that makes me sad.

Thankfully, the Lord has been so kind and so good as he always is and has protected both me and the baby along the way. No matter what I wish could have been different, I know that it’s all been for my good and that I’m never outside the loving care of my Savior. So I’m heading into these final weeks with a thankful heart and a goal to be more proactive in slowing down, enjoying this baby and this pregnancy specifically, and making memories of this sweet and fleeting time with my third little one. ♥️

Enough of my ramblings, though, it’s time for the update!

How far along: 37 weeks (+ 1 day, technically)

How big is baby: About the size of a melon (YA GOT THAT RIGHT)

Movement: Still such a little wiggle worm! But now sometimes the movements are painful. 😅 This baby is STRONG! Feet are always on my right side (exactly like both Jameson and Nora actually) and the other night we could actually see the entire outline of a little foot! It was super cool and also super terrifying. 😂 Jameson started yelling when he saw it — I think he was worried I was hurt haha! I’ve been feeling a TON of movement down very low in my pelvis/lower abdomen as well. It feels like the baby has settled into place for delivery which is good but also puts so much pressure on my bladder and also randomly hits a weird nerve, sending a painful shock down my right leg when the baby twists a certain way. Good times, good times.

Best moments this week: Getting into a good groove with homeschool kindergarten and finishing up the last of my freezer meal prep that I wanted to do! Our entire freezer is STUFFED full of meals and sides and smoothie packs all in preparation for the postpartum period that I know is always a bit hectic.

Major symptoms: What feels like constant peeing (and with baby being so low…when I have to pee, I HAVE TO PEE!!!!!!), lots of Braxton Hicks contractions which have gotten more intense but still not timeable, lower back/pelvis pressure and discomfort (sometimes almost a tingly feeling in the back of my pelvis if I’ve been standing/walking around a bunch), oddly enough what I think are faint varicose veins (hope those go away immediately after delivery 🙃), and just general third trimester fatigue by the end of the day. All that peeing and all that back/pelvis discomfort has made it harder to sleep so that sure doesn’t help my energy levels either haha.

Cravings: Still aaaalllll the spicy things! The spicier the better!!! I have yet to reach my spicy limit. I also discovered these incredible baked cauliflower bites at Costco and I’m not even kidding, I could eat a whole bag of them in one sitting without batting an eye. Also have been loving snacking on pickles, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies (especially Candy Snap Grapes), dark chocolate, my beloved oatmeal in any form (baked, microwaved, stovetop, overnight oats, love it all!), and Boom Chicka Pop. 😋 I don’t have specific cravings per se, except for the spice to be cranked up!

Looking forward to: Meeting this baby!!! 😍😍😍 I cannot wait to find out if we’re adding another son or another daughter to our family. I have my suspicions but honestly I will be thrilled either way. I know God has had this plan for us all along and I’m just so excited to watch the baby fit in perfectly! Also looking forward to Friday, which will likely be my last growth ultrasound (they’ve been doing them every four weeks or so to make sure the baby is growing on track). I always love seeing that little face. ♥️ Even though it’s disappointing that Alex never gets to join me (thankscovid 😐).

Hopefully my next update will be a birth announcement! But you never know, we could have several more weeks to go. No matter what, though, this baby will be in our arms so very soon. 😍

Can’t wait to cover you in kisses, baby! Come out and meet us soon!

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