Our love story


Once upon a time, there was a boy with curly hair. I mean really curly hair. Some would even say it was an afro. He had greenish eyes, an adorable smile, and the best sense of humor ever. His name was Alex. One night when Alex was fifteen (just a small lad, really), he went to a high school dance. He was dancing around like a monkey when all of the sudden, he saw a girl in a polka dotted dress. She looked a little lonely. Alex thought to himself, “Hm that girl is pretty. I wonder who she came here with. Oh well!” Then he continued his monkey dance and never saw that girl again. Until four years later…

They met at a small church. Alex found out that the girl’s name was Jessica. He thought she was beautiful but he also thought her hair was too short (agreed). He wanted to get to know her better, but he wasn’t sure how. Finally, he came up with a “brilliant” idea! He messaged her through Facebook and said, “Yeah uhhh, I was wondering if you could tell me how the ASU bus system works. What’s your number?” Jessica was like, “Be still my heart, how romantic!” (no she wasn’t. She was actually more like, “Oh yeah, here’s my number, text me if you have any questions.”) And so they started texting each other.

Then one magical day, Alex and Jessica decided that they should probably hang out in person. So they did. They went to the mall and became best friends almost instantly. Jessica had never felt so comfortable with someone so quickly before. Alex was fun to talk to and he made her laugh so easily. Over the next few months, they went on many great adventures, including (but not limited to) late night trips to Denny’s, New Years Eve parties, walks around ASU, and midnight donuts and movies. They made up quite a few ridiculous games (some of which are still played to this day) and spent hours making each other laugh, talking about Jesus, and finding out more about each other. Together they learned that love is silly, love is serious, love is unexpected, and love is entirely more beautiful than either had realized before.

Slowly but surely, Alex was falling for the girl in the polka dotted dress. He had never felt this way about anyone…he knew he could tell her anything and for once, he actually wanted to. He was first and foremost her best friend, but there was a part of his heart that wanted more. Meanwhile, Jessica was trying to figure out how exactly she felt about her curly-headed best friend. I mean, his hair was awesome and all, but was she ready to risk their friendship for a step towards love?

Alex waited so patiently and finally (finally!) Jessica began to realize that everything she had ever wanted in a man was right there in front of her. The way Alex loved Jesus, cared so genuinely for her, and made her life infinitely better just by being in it was more than enough to make her fall for him too. So together, they started their love story. By the time they were officially dating (April 21st, 2012), they were already head over heels for each other. And when Alex asked Jessica to marry him later that year, there wasn’t a doubt in her mind when she said YES!

The two were married on one perfect, fairytale day (May 23rd, 2014) and have been living out their happily ever after (with a puppy named Charlie and a new little  human member on his way!) ever since. ❤

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