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Bumpdate – 19 weeks

I’m almost halfway done with this pregnancy so I figured it’s about time I write one of these! I was so consistent when I was pregnant with Jameson and posted a bumpdate once a week for the entire pregnancy. But it’s much harder to be on top of things like this when you have a toddler in tow. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So instead, my goal for this pregnancy is to post an update whenever I find the time and that’s going to have to be good enough.

How far along:ย Almost 19 weeks (I’m a little early with this post). Gender is still a mystery! We have our anatomy scan on the 15th which will tell us for sure if it’s a sweet little girl or another beautiful boy.
How big is baby: About the size of a mango, or 6 inches long. Weight is right around half a pound.
Movement:ย Totally different this time around. Jameson moved a LOT and very often. I actually felt him moving several weeks earlier than I felt movement with this baby, which is not usually the norm. It makes total sense, though, now that I see his personality. ๐Ÿ˜‰ This baby is much more chillย and doesn’t get annoyed by me poking him/her or moving him/her around the way Jameson used to. And this baby hasn’t gotten the hiccups yet, which is another difference. Jameson had hiccups at least once a day by this point and continued to get them every day after he was born (for awhile at least). Even the times of day for movement are different between the two of them. Jameson was go-go-go all day and then totally still as I was going to sleep. This baby is more sporadic throughout the day and picks up the pace at night, which worries me for after birth hahah. Based on what we know about me and Alex’s personalities as kids (from stories and old home videos), I was a lot like Jameson is energy-wise and Alex was a lot more mellow. So it would be fun if our kids happen to match each of us in that way. ๐Ÿ™‚ One last difference, though, is that Alexย has felt this baby move already, which took a lot longer with Jameson. He actually felt this baby for the first time on our 3 year anniversary – a sweet little gift for him!
Weirdest symptoms:ย Symptoms are all pretty tame, just like with Jameson. Besides the minor stretching and pulling feelings, and starting to feel a little heavier in my stomach, everything is mostly normal.
Best moments this week:ย Monday was a holiday so we had Alex home – always so nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wednesdayย one of my closest friends and her two little ones came by for a playdate, which was so fun. And tomorrow is my other close friend’s bridal shower! Lots of great stuff this week.ย 
Cravings:ย Nada. I never seem to have cravings while pregnant. Although I have been tending more towards fresh foods this time around. With Jameson I wanted french fries and greasy hamburgers and chocolate and all that bad-for-you-but-delicious stuff. This time, not so much.
Looking forward to:ย FINALLY finding out the gender in less than two weeks!

P.S.The outfit I’m wearing above is all from H&M.ย No one told me with my last pregnancy that H&M carries maternity clothes and I’m so bummed I missed out the first time around! I went last weekend and found so many great things. Super cute and comfyย and reasonably priced. I’m a huge fan already!

One mistake I made with my first pregnancy was not investing in a few maternity things I really loved. I ended up stretching out a lot of my regular shirts and just sort of “getting by” on cheap and kind of ugly maternity clothes the rest of the time. I remember being confused about why I never liked the way my baby bump looked and never feeling like myself. I think a lot of it had to do with not knowing how to dress for pregnancy. So this time around I’m doing things differently. I invested in a few really great staple items I actually love (and kind of hope I can wear beyond pregnancy) and I already feel so much betterย and more like me.

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Bumpdate – 39 weeks

39 weeks

How far along: 39 weeks (seven days until our due date!)
How big is baby: About the size of a watermelon (no kidding), or around 21 inches long. Weight could be anywhere from 6-9 pounds, but the average is around 7lbs.
Newest baby developments: His brain is still getting the most development at this point (and, of course, this will continue after he’s born too). His skin is now ready for the world and it’ll gain more of its pigment within the first few weeks of his little life. His tear ducts are also ready to go and he can flex his limbs easily now (which is pretty obvious to me since he seems to have no problem stretching out as far as my belly will let him haha).
Movement: Sometimes my belly is just so sore from him pushing and shoving around (especially the right side, since that’s where his legs and feet are). But I know he’s probably just cramped and is trying to get comfortable, which is why I keep telling him that he’ll have much more room if he just comes out!
Weirdest symptoms: Right now it’s mostly just continued Braxton Hicks (still nothing consistent, grrr) and some added pelvic pressure. The mental and emotional symptoms are really the worst part… having patience is HARD when you’re waiting to meet your child for the first time ever. Even though I’m not overly uncomfortable, I’m just so anxious to see Jameson and kiss him and watch Alex with him and even just get back to my normal self. But he’s not even past due yet, so I really need to just chill out and keep waiting, at least for the next seven days (and then I’ll probably start going crazy).
Best moment this week: I loved getting to go to my high school best friend’s bridal shower yesterday! I can’t believe she’s getting married in just a couple of weeks! So many happy things are happening. ๐Ÿ™‚
Worst moment this week: Again, nothing bad. I’m just dying to go into labor already. I’m honestly not even scared because he has to come out one way or another. At this point, I feel like all I’m doing is analyzing every single ache or pain or weird symptom and just praying that we start the labor process like right now. It’s almost like it was back when I was hoping to get pregnant, where every little thing was a “sign” that maybe this could be it. Ah, I just want my baby already!
Cravings: Who even knows lol.
Looking forward to: Having my husband home for this three day weekend, and of course…possibly going into labor soon. I really hope this is the last bumpdate I have to write for awhile but you really never know.

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Bumpdate – 38 weeks

38 weeksHow far along: 38 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a pumpkin, or around 21 inches long (that’s the average at this point). Weight is around 7 pounds (but sometimes it feels like much, much more).
Newest baby developments: He’s mostly just working on some last minute things, like shedding that skin-protecting stuff (vernix and lanugo) and producing more surfactant so that his lungs are sure to work well after he’s born. He’s also still adding on baby fat, and his brain and nervous system are continuing to mature.
Movement: He’s a good little mover, even though he’s really almost out of room in there. I’ve been mostly feeling stretches and twists and hiccups…there’s only the occasional real “kick” (but boy does it hurt when it happens).
Weirdest symptoms: I’ve been SO blessed this entire pregnancy with feeling pretty comfortable and mostly “normal.” It’s only right now that I’ve started to really feel all the aches and pains that everyone always complains about. My hips are hurting (especially when I first wake up in the morning), it’s really hard for me to stand up from sitting or laying down, and Braxton Hicks keep getting worse (still not measurable, though). I don’t want to complain, though, because I really did have it easy for almost the entire nine months.
Best moment this week: Overall it was just a good week. ๐Ÿ™‚
Worst moment this week: Nothing terrible at all, I just wish there was a way to figure out when exactly your baby will be born. My appointments with our midwife are weekly now and she basically told me at this last one that it’s really not uncommon to go even two weeks past your due date. That would be FOUR more weeks from now, ugh. And since I’ve had a very typical pregnancy so far, my doctor care is pretty minimal and noninvasive…so I really don’t have a clue about whether I’m dilated or how effaced I am (if at all). I know that those factors don’t actually mean you can tell when you’ll go into labor, but I feel like I’m just sitting here super pregnant and in limbo and it’s not fun for a type-A person like myself.
Cravings: Still crunchy things, I guess. And also, oddly, certain smells. I’ve never heard of this before but I guess it’s a real thing. I just really want to smell some fresh wood right now (like at Home Depot), which makes me feel like a weirdo lol.
Looking forward to: Anything that gets me closer to meeting my baby.

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Bumpdate – 37 weeks

2DSC_0862 How far along: 37 weeks! FULL-TERM!!! Our sweetheart is welcome any time now!
How big is baby: About the size of a winter melon, or 19-22 inches long. Weight is around 6.5 pounds! (I kinda hope he stays on the small side…healthy, but small haha)
Newest baby developments: He’s basically ready to go at this point! Most of his crucial functions are well-developed and now he’s just practicing some skills he’ll need for later (inhaling/exhaling, sucking, gripping, and blinking). The longer he stays in there the healthier he’ll be, so I’m really in no rush (even though I do get more anxious to meet him every day).
Movement: I can feel his hands down in my lower stomach/pelvic area (near his head) and his feet are still facing up and slightly to the right. I don’t think he’s “dropped” yet or anything but I bet that will be coming soon!
Weirdest symptoms: Things are getting interesting around here. I’m definitely feeling more pressure on my pelvis and it feels like all of my joints are loosening up (sometimes painful, sometimes just strange). Braxton Hicks contractions are still an everyday thing, although some days I feel them every few minutes and other days I can go hours without having any. Nothing is timeable yet and while they’re more intense than they were at the beginning, they’re not strong enough to count as real contractions (although hopefully they’re working to start at least some dilation and effacement). Another weird thing this week was the fact that I spent five and a half hours yesterday morning getting rid of every bit of food in my stomach (yes, in both ways. ew.). I read that it’s often a sign of early labor (sort of like your body cleaning itself out to get ready for delivery) but it could also have been that I just ate some shady chicken haha. Either way, I’m feeling better now and trying to stay extra hydrated.
Best moment this week: Probably just the fact that I’m finally full-term so I can sort of breathe a sigh of relief that my baby is healthy enough to arrive soon. And honestly, any uncomfortable or painful symptom I’m feeling just makes me excited because I know it means I get to meet my son soon. ๐Ÿ™‚
Worst moment this week: Well being sick all Saturday morning was no fun. But Alex took such good care of me and I’m all better now.
Cravings: Crunchy things! Ice (oddly enough), snap peas, apples, etc. I didn’t know that could really be a “craving” but I guess it is! Apparently that’s a pretty common category of things to crave at this point in the pregnancy.
Looking forward to: Really any change in symptoms that can maybe give me a clue about when Jameson will be here! I might end up waiting a whole month from now, but maybe I won’t and that’s so exciting! God’s timing is perfect no matter what.

One last thing… I realized that I’ve never taken a bare-belly photo before (probably because that just feels weird to me). But I do want to document my bump so that I can compare to any future pregnancies and also so I can remember how everything looked before my sweet boy was born. So here are a few that I took today at 37 weeks:


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Bumpdate – 36 weeks

36 weeks 1

How far along: 36 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a honeydew, or 18-20 inches long (ish). Weight is around 6 pounds! (oh baby.)
Newest baby developments: His skin is getting smooth and soft and his gums are more firm. His liver and kidneys are in working order and his circulation and immune systems are pretty much good to go, too! If he was born today, he probably wouldn’t need any extra care at all since all of his major systems are ready for the real world. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay Jameson!!!
Movement: He’s actually getting some exercise as I type this. ๐Ÿ™‚ Most of his movements are low in my stomach (even though I still feel like I’m carrying him super high) but I can feel his feet in my mid-stomach, usually on the right side. Sometimes it almost feels like he’s grinding his way out, which feels really weird in my pelvis. But overall, he’s still doing awesome with going to sleep when I do and not kicking me too hard, aside from the occasional sharp little elbow in my side haha.
Weirdest symptoms: The Braxton Hicks contractions are definitely the most common symptom at this point… usually they don’t hurt (they’re just uncomfortable) but lately a few of them have made me stop what I’m doing and focus on breathing through it. They’re definitely getting more intense (which, in all honesty, is absolutely fine with me. The more practice I get in, hopefully the better my muscles will be at getting the job done during labor.).
Best moment this week: The nursery is totally finished and we got to take our hospital tour this past Thursday! Even though we were just there a few months ago when my sister had her baby, it was nice to walk through again and get a little more familiar with how the whole process will go and what we need to do/bring in preparation.
Worst moment this week: Nothing in particular, I just feel like I’m extra slow and tired these days.
Cravings: NOPE.
Looking forward to: Just finishing up packing my hospital bag (Alex is already good to go, what a stud) and getting a few more things together for Jameson’s diaper bag. Oh and we still need to install the car seat, like for real now. We should actually probably do that tonight haha.

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Bumpdate – 35 weeks

35 weeks

(picture totally stolen from my friend from church, Dani, whose little boy is due just three days before Jameson!)

How far along: 35 weeks (and one day)
How big is baby: About the size of a coconut, or 18+ inches long (not exactly sure, it really just depends on his genetics). Weight is around 5.5 pounds.
Newest baby developments: His hearing is 100% fully developed and he might have started memorizing songs that I sing pretty often, which means he’ll recognize them after he’s born too. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s still working on gaining some weight and he’ll probably put on at least a pound of fat before the big day.
Movement: Still moving consistently (which always is such a relief to me!), still gets the hiccups at least once a day, and still always gets annoyed that he has the hiccups haha (he starts kicking and punching until I talk to him and then he calms down). He’s so good about relaxing when I relax and going to sleep at the same time as me. I feel so lucky because I know that’s usually exactly opposite of babies at this stage. Most babies wake up when their mommies stop moving because the rocking helps put them to sleep. But not Jameson. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’d rather sleep when I sleep, which I absolutely love about him. I can’t wait to snuggle with him in person!
Weirdest symptoms: My Braxton Hicks contractions (which I’ve had pretty consistently since early the second trimester) have definitely picked up these past few days especially. They last for at least a minute (sometimes up to 2 minutes) and they’re getting stronger. They’re still sporadic, though, so it’s not real labor or anything yet.
Best moment this week: We’re pretty much DONE with the nursery! Alex is hanging some pictures up right now actually and then it’s finished! I have maybe one or two more loads of Jameson’s laundry to do, we have to install his car seat, and there’s a few things I need to get for the hospital, but we’re pretty much baby-ready at this point. ๐Ÿ™‚
Worst moment this week: Just some aches and pains but nothing terrible.
Cravings: Yeah, cravings don’t exist for me. Maybe the next baby haha.
Looking forward to: Our hospital tour this Thursday and just getting everything ready to go. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumpdate – 34 weeks

34 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks (and two days, technically, but the picture is from 33.5 weeks)
How big is baby: About the size of a pineapple, or 18-20 inches long. Weight is around 4.9 pounds.
Newest baby developments: The white coating that protects Jameson’s skin (called the vernix) is getting thicker. His fingernails should be all grown in by now and he’s descending lower and lower into my pelvis as he gets ready to be born! Just a few more weeks, my little love!
Movement: Lots of sliding and stretching movements these days, as opposed to the straight kicks and punches that used to be so frequent. I can almost always feel his little feet pressed up on the right side of my stomach (sometimes I can even feel the outline of one of them!) and there’s a lot more pressure in my lower belly. He loves music and gets super active during church when our band plays. I’ve also recently noticed these strange breathing movements that he occasionally does… At first it freaked me out (my tummy will look like it’s breathing rapidly on its own) but I looked it up and apparently it’s fairly common and it just means that he’s literally practicing the motions of breathing. This is actually awesome because it means his lungs and breathing muscles are getting stronger. ๐Ÿ™‚
Weirdest symptoms: There’s the usual shortness of breath and slightly swollen/painful feet, but there’s also a fun new addition to the symptoms this week…leg cramps! I’ve been waking up at least once during the night with one or both of my legs cramping up for no good reason at all, which is awesome because then I also remember I have to get up and pee. Luckily they only last a few seconds and I can usually stop the cramp by flexing my feet. But one night this week I actually woke up screaming and crying because the cramp was so intense. That was nice and terrifying for my poor husband, although the next morning I went to talk to him about it and he had no memory of the traumatic event at all lol.
Best moment this week: Lots of great moments, as usual! The nursery is SO close to being done (I’ll be writing a separate post about all that once it’s officially finished) and I love how it’s turning out. We really only need to hang the decorations and buy one more shelf for the wall and then it’s done! We also have been receiving all our last minute baby necessities in the mail and I think there’s only a few more things coming in before everything is ready for Jameson. โค
Worst moment this week: Nothing that I can think of. ๐Ÿ™‚
Cravings: Uh, zero. I’ve given up thinking that I might get a real craving sometime during this pregnancy.
Looking forward to: Next week is going to be fun… we have our hospital tour/registration, we’re going to be installing the car seat (which doesn’t sound fun but I promise it’s exciting when it’s for your first baby), and I’m going to start packing up some things for the hospital just in case he decides to come a little early. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay for babies!!!

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Bumpdate – 33 weeks

33 weeks

(didn’t have time to take a solo portrait this week but I think this one of me and my momma shows the bump pretty well!)

How far along: 33 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a honeydew melon, or 17-19 inches long. Weight is around 4.5 pounds.
Newest baby developments: He’s started keeping his eyes open while he’s awake now, more like a newborn. He’s getting better at coordinating breathing movements with sucking and swallowing. His bones are hardening this week and his brain is still getting lots of developmental attention!
Movement: Feeling him pretty regularly and at regular times (particularly around 7-8 or 9 at night). Of course I love it every time (even when he shoves directly on my bladder when I have to pee) but his size makes it uncomfortable sometimes now. In fact, he’ll just be sleeping in there and not moving at all but my tummy will just HURT all around where he is. It feels so sore, like I’ve taken one too many punches to the stomach (which I probably have). I read on one of my apps that my amniotic fluid is pretty much maxed out at this point and since Jameson is still growing steadily, there’s less of a cushion for all those sharp movements. It’s okay, though. He can go ahead and kick me all he wants because that means he’s healthy and strong. ๐Ÿ™‚
Weirdest symptoms: That belly soreness and definitely a bit of swelling in my poor feet! My sister taught me and Alex how to massage them and get all that extra fluid back where it’s supposed to be so we’ve been trying that almost every night. I’m also trying to keep them elevated whenever I can because it can actually be painful just walking around!
Best moment this week: Oh my goodness, I had SUCH a great week! My two childhood best friends flew in from New York on Tuesday and were here until yesterday. We spent our days by the pool, at the movies, going to the mall, playing games, and going out for food a few times. So much fun! Then Saturday was my baby shower! The whole thing was storybook-themed because books are my life and it came out so darn cute. We asked that everyone invited bring a book instead of a card and now Jameson’s little library is filling right up. Makes my heart so happy! Alex and I had a blast looking through all the other shower gifts and clothes that Jameson received and pretty much everything is washed and put away now. (and ps, that kid has more outfits than I do.)
Worst moment this week: Saying goodbye to my friends is always hard, but I know they’ll be back soon and that next time, I’ll have my sweet baby on the outside. ๐Ÿ™‚
Cravings: None for this week (or really ever lol).
Looking forward to: We have a few more baby-related shipments coming in this week, including my diaper bag, carrier, and a glider for the nursery. Yay!

Some of my favorites from the shower…

Catherine with Erin's baby, Hayden.
Catherine with Erin’s baby, Hayden.







Everyone chose a birthday and wrote a letter to Jameson for that year.
Everyone chose a birthday and wrote a letter to Jameson for that year.
One of the shower activities
One of the shower activities
“Green Eggs and Ham” mini spinach/egg/cheese/ham quiches
“The Three Little Pigs” pigs in a blanket





Sisters <3
Sisters โค (and Madelyn)


“The Tale of Peter Rabbit” vegetable platters
“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” fruit kabobs
Erin & Hayden, me & Jameson, Stephanie & Madelyn
Erin & Hayden, me & Jameson, Stephanie & Madelyn
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Bumpdate – 32 weeks

32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a head of lettuce, or 17-19 inches long. Weight is around 3.9 pounds.
Newest baby developments: He’s starting to get ready for birth in terms of his position and he should be facing head-down very soon, if not already. He’s also continuing to practice basic life skills like breathing and sucking so that he’s ready for his birthday!
Movement: I’ve been noticing a lot more movement down in my pelvis, if that makes sense. Sometimes I think he’s already turned head-down but then other times I still feel him laying transverse. He’s running out of room, though, so pretty soon he’ll be stuck in that head-down position and he probably won’t be able to move around as much after that. His days of open swimming are over!
Weirdest symptoms: Shortness of breath for sure, and it’s getting annoying to not be able to bend down and pick things up. I literally have to go into full-on squat and then it’s hard to get back up (and that’s if I can see whatever it is I dropped in the first place. My bump is good at hiding things beneath me). I’m feeling more and more like a chubby old lady lol. I can’t even remember what it’s like to not be pregnant. I can’t wait to lay on my tummy again. ๐Ÿ™‚
Best moment this week: There were a lot of good moments this week! I got to spend time with friends and family quite a bit, which is always a blessing. We’ve been getting packages in the mail almost every day with things we’ve ordered for Jameson or things other people have been sending us. We ordered our stroller/car seat combo which I’ve been dying for since I was like two months pregnant (Britax B-Agile/B-Safe). We were able to hang curtains in Jameson’s room and his dresser is all mostly organized now! Plus my father-in-law came and helped us install a ceiling fan/light in his nursery, which was much-needed. It’s quickly becoming my favorite room in the apartment! Sometimes I go in there and read to him from his little collection of books. Sometimes I just sit with my back against his crib and look around, imagining my tiny, perfect baby who will be here so soon.
Worst moment this week: Well I threw away our mail key on accident lol. It wouldn’t be so bad except that this is the second mail key I’ve thrown away in the past two months. It doesn’t cost much to replace but I was so mad at myself! I’d like to blame it on pregnancy brain but I probably would’ve done the same thing before I was pregnant too lol. Sheesh! Alex says that when we get the new key, we’re tying it to a brick so I don’t throw it away again.
Cravings: If there are snap peas in the house, I will legitimately eat them all in one sitting. Like I can’t stop. It’s getting ridiculous.
Looking forward to: I have two friends coming to visit from New York on Tuesday! They’ll be here for a whole week, which includes my baby shower on Saturday! Yay!

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Bumpdate – 31 weeks

31 weeks

(Not the best picture but I was rushing out the door so it’ll have to do!)

How far along: 31 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a pineapple, or 18 inches long (ish). Weight is around 3.2 pounds.
Newest baby developments: More major brain and nerve development is taking place this week as more and more connections between neurons are made in his little body. All five of his senses are officially up and running and his irises can even react to light by dilating or constricting. Basically he’s very busy in there processing information, tracking light, and perceiving the signals he’s getting from all five senses.
Movement: One of my baby apps is telling me that he’s putting in longer stretches of sleep now and getting into more of a pattern of wakefulness/movement and rest/stillness. I’ve definitely been finding that to be true for Jameson, although I know exactly how to wake him up if I want to. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Last night Alex and I were playing with him for a little while, drumming our fingers on my belly and watching his reactions, pushing gently on different sides of my belly so that he would shove back, and Alex even blew some raspberries right where we knew Jameson was laying (which freaked the poor kid out lol). He launched himself to the other side of my belly as fast as he could!
Weirdest symptoms: Absolutely getting more and more out of breath by the day, sometimes for no reason at all (except that a certain someone is constantly shoving his feet into my diaphragm, I guess). I’ll just be sitting on the couch minding my own business and then all of a sudden I feel like I can’t get enough air. Sometimes it takes me a little while to get my breathing back to normal so I end up just huffing and puffing like a weirdo for a bit. Overall, though, I can’t complain. Compared to other pregnancies I’ve seen and even compared to the typical symptoms that my pregnancy apps are telling me should be happening at this stage…I’m so blessed. I’ve had no restless leg syndrome, no real swelling of my feet/hands, and really no trouble sleeping. Jameson is already such a good baby and when I lay down to relax for bed, he goes to sleep too (which seems kind of unheard of at this stage). Maybe it’s just luck and I’m sure he’ll get more and more squirmy as he continues to run out of room, but right now things are good and I’m so thankful for that.
Best moment this week: Jameson’s nursery is coming together! This week we got his dresser set up (a holy nightmare, if you ask me. Thank you, Fisherprice, for handing us a thousand chunks of wood and 8 billion screws and basically leaving the rest to us) and we ordered a few more decoration-type things that should be getting here within the next few weeks.
Worst moment this week: Honestly, probably putting together that stupid dresser. I mean, it’s super cute and it matches the crib, but we literally put our blood, sweat and tears into that thing for six hours on Saturday (or at least I did because I cut my leg tripping over a piece of the wood and started crying out of frustration around hour five lol).
Cravings: Uhh nope.
Looking forward to: Fixing up his nursery more! (nesting is for reals, y’all.)

The beast.
The beast. Alex & Jessica: 1, Demon Dresser: 0