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Bumpdate – 34 weeks

34 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks (and two days, technically, but the picture is from 33.5 weeks)
How big is baby: About the size of a pineapple, or 18-20 inches long. Weight is around 4.9 pounds.
Newest baby developments: The white coating that protects Jameson’s skin (called the vernix) is getting thicker. His fingernails should be all grown in by now and he’s descending lower and lower into my pelvis as he gets ready to be born! Just a few more weeks, my little love!
Movement: Lots of sliding and stretching movements these days, as opposed to the straight kicks and punches that used to be so frequent. I can almost always feel his little feet pressed up on the right side of my stomach (sometimes I can even feel the outline of one of them!) and there’s a lot more pressure in my lower belly. He loves music and gets super active during church when our band plays. I’ve also recently noticed these strange breathing movements that he occasionally does… At first it freaked me out (my tummy will look like it’s breathing rapidly on its own) but I looked it up and apparently it’s fairly common and it just means that he’s literally practicing the motions of breathing. This is actually awesome because it means his lungs and breathing muscles are getting stronger. πŸ™‚
Weirdest symptoms: There’s the usual shortness of breath and slightly swollen/painful feet, but there’s also a fun new addition to the symptoms this week…leg cramps! I’ve been waking up at least once during the night with one or both of my legs cramping up for no good reason at all, which is awesome because then I also remember I have to get up and pee. Luckily they only last a few seconds and I can usually stop the cramp by flexing my feet. But one night this week I actually woke up screaming and crying because the cramp was so intense. That was nice and terrifying for my poor husband, although the next morning I went to talk to him about it and he had no memory of the traumatic event at all lol.
Best moment this week: Lots of great moments, as usual! The nursery is SO close to being done (I’ll be writing a separate post about all that once it’s officially finished) and I love how it’s turning out. We really only need to hang the decorations and buy one more shelf for the wall and then it’s done! We also have been receiving all our last minute baby necessities in the mail and I think there’s only a few more things coming in before everything is ready for Jameson. ❀
Worst moment this week: Nothing that I can think of. πŸ™‚
Cravings: Uh, zero. I’ve given up thinking that I might get a real craving sometime during this pregnancy.
Looking forward to: Next week is going to be fun… we have our hospital tour/registration, we’re going to be installing the car seat (which doesn’t sound fun but I promise it’s exciting when it’s for your first baby), and I’m going to start packing up some things for the hospital just in case he decides to come a little early. πŸ™‚ Yay for babies!!!

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Bumpdate – 33 weeks

33 weeks

(didn’t have time to take a solo portrait this week but I think this one of me and my momma shows the bump pretty well!)

How far along: 33 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a honeydew melon, or 17-19 inches long. Weight is around 4.5 pounds.
Newest baby developments: He’s started keeping his eyes open while he’s awake now, more like a newborn. He’s getting better at coordinating breathing movements with sucking and swallowing. His bones are hardening this week and his brain is still getting lots of developmental attention!
Movement: Feeling him pretty regularly and at regular times (particularly around 7-8 or 9 at night). Of course I love it every time (even when he shoves directly on my bladder when I have to pee) but his size makes it uncomfortable sometimes now. In fact, he’ll just be sleeping in there and not moving at all but my tummy will just HURT all around where he is. It feels so sore, like I’ve taken one too many punches to the stomach (which I probably have). I read on one of my apps that my amniotic fluid is pretty much maxed out at this point and since Jameson is still growing steadily, there’s less of a cushion for all those sharp movements. It’s okay, though. He can go ahead and kick me all he wants because that means he’s healthy and strong. πŸ™‚
Weirdest symptoms: That belly soreness and definitely a bit of swelling in my poor feet! My sister taught me and Alex how to massage them and get all that extra fluid back where it’s supposed to be so we’ve been trying that almost every night. I’m also trying to keep them elevated whenever I can because it can actually be painful just walking around!
Best moment this week: Oh my goodness, I had SUCH a great week! My two childhood best friends flew in from New York on Tuesday and were here until yesterday. We spent our days by the pool, at the movies, going to the mall, playing games, and going out for food a few times. So much fun! Then Saturday was my baby shower! The whole thing was storybook-themed because books are my life and it came out so darn cute. We asked that everyone invited bring a book instead of a card and now Jameson’s little library is filling right up. Makes my heart so happy! Alex and I had a blast looking through all the other shower gifts and clothes that Jameson received and pretty much everything is washed and put away now. (and ps, that kid has more outfits than I do.)
Worst moment this week: Saying goodbye to my friends is always hard, but I know they’ll be back soon and that next time, I’ll have my sweet baby on the outside. πŸ™‚
Cravings: None for this week (or really ever lol).
Looking forward to: We have a few more baby-related shipments coming in this week, including my diaper bag, carrier, and a glider for the nursery. Yay!

Some of my favorites from the shower…

Catherine with Erin's baby, Hayden.
Catherine with Erin’s baby, Hayden.







Everyone chose a birthday and wrote a letter to Jameson for that year.
Everyone chose a birthday and wrote a letter to Jameson for that year.
One of the shower activities
One of the shower activities
“Green Eggs and Ham” mini spinach/egg/cheese/ham quiches
“The Three Little Pigs” pigs in a blanket





Sisters <3
Sisters ❀ (and Madelyn)


“The Tale of Peter Rabbit” vegetable platters
“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” fruit kabobs
Erin & Hayden, me & Jameson, Stephanie & Madelyn
Erin & Hayden, me & Jameson, Stephanie & Madelyn
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Bumpdate – 32 weeks

32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a head of lettuce, or 17-19 inches long. Weight is around 3.9 pounds.
Newest baby developments: He’s starting to get ready for birth in terms of his position and he should be facing head-down very soon, if not already. He’s also continuing to practice basic life skills like breathing and sucking so that he’s ready for his birthday!
Movement: I’ve been noticing a lot more movement down in my pelvis, if that makes sense. Sometimes I think he’s already turned head-down but then other times I still feel him laying transverse. He’s running out of room, though, so pretty soon he’ll be stuck in that head-down position and he probably won’t be able to move around as much after that. His days of open swimming are over!
Weirdest symptoms: Shortness of breath for sure, and it’s getting annoying to not be able to bend down and pick things up. I literally have to go into full-on squat and then it’s hard to get back up (and that’s if I can see whatever it is I dropped in the first place. My bump is good at hiding things beneath me). I’m feeling more and more like a chubby old lady lol. I can’t even remember what it’s like to not be pregnant. I can’t wait to lay on my tummy again. πŸ™‚
Best moment this week: There were a lot of good moments this week! I got to spend time with friends and family quite a bit, which is always a blessing. We’ve been getting packages in the mail almost every day with things we’ve ordered for Jameson or things other people have been sending us. We ordered our stroller/car seat combo which I’ve been dying for since I was like two months pregnant (Britax B-Agile/B-Safe). We were able to hang curtains in Jameson’s room and his dresser is all mostly organized now! Plus my father-in-law came and helped us install a ceiling fan/light in his nursery, which was much-needed. It’s quickly becoming my favorite room in the apartment! Sometimes I go in there and read to him from his little collection of books. Sometimes I just sit with my back against his crib and look around, imagining my tiny, perfect baby who will be here so soon.
Worst moment this week: Well I threw away our mail key on accident lol. It wouldn’t be so bad except that this is the second mail key I’ve thrown away in the past two months. It doesn’t cost much to replace but I was so mad at myself! I’d like to blame it on pregnancy brain but I probably would’ve done the same thing before I was pregnant too lol. Sheesh! Alex says that when we get the new key, we’re tying it to a brick so I don’t throw it away again.
Cravings: If there are snap peas in the house, I will legitimately eat them all in one sitting. Like I can’t stop. It’s getting ridiculous.
Looking forward to: I have two friends coming to visit from New York on Tuesday! They’ll be here for a whole week, which includes my baby shower on Saturday! Yay!

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Bumpdate – 31 weeks

31 weeks

(Not the best picture but I was rushing out the door so it’ll have to do!)

How far along: 31 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a pineapple, or 18 inches long (ish). Weight is around 3.2 pounds.
Newest baby developments: More major brain and nerve development is taking place this week as more and more connections between neurons are made in his little body. All five of his senses are officially up and running and his irises can even react to light by dilating or constricting. Basically he’s very busy in there processing information, tracking light, and perceiving the signals he’s getting from all five senses.
Movement: One of my baby apps is telling me that he’s putting in longer stretches of sleep now and getting into more of a pattern of wakefulness/movement and rest/stillness. I’ve definitely been finding that to be true for Jameson, although I know exactly how to wake him up if I want to. πŸ˜‰ Last night Alex and I were playing with him for a little while, drumming our fingers on my belly and watching his reactions, pushing gently on different sides of my belly so that he would shove back, and Alex even blew some raspberries right where we knew Jameson was laying (which freaked the poor kid out lol). He launched himself to the other side of my belly as fast as he could!
Weirdest symptoms: Absolutely getting more and more out of breath by the day, sometimes for no reason at all (except that a certain someone is constantly shoving his feet into my diaphragm, I guess). I’ll just be sitting on the couch minding my own business and then all of a sudden I feel like I can’t get enough air. Sometimes it takes me a little while to get my breathing back to normal so I end up just huffing and puffing like a weirdo for a bit. Overall, though, I can’t complain. Compared to other pregnancies I’ve seen and even compared to the typical symptoms that my pregnancy apps are telling me should be happening at this stage…I’m so blessed. I’ve had no restless leg syndrome, no real swelling of my feet/hands, and really no trouble sleeping. Jameson is already such a good baby and when I lay down to relax for bed, he goes to sleep too (which seems kind of unheard of at this stage). Maybe it’s just luck and I’m sure he’ll get more and more squirmy as he continues to run out of room, but right now things are good and I’m so thankful for that.
Best moment this week: Jameson’s nursery is coming together! This week we got his dresser set up (a holy nightmare, if you ask me. Thank you, Fisherprice, for handing us a thousand chunks of wood and 8 billion screws and basically leaving the rest to us) and we ordered a few more decoration-type things that should be getting here within the next few weeks.
Worst moment this week: Honestly, probably putting together that stupid dresser. I mean, it’s super cute and it matches the crib, but we literally put our blood, sweat and tears into that thing for six hours on Saturday (or at least I did because I cut my leg tripping over a piece of the wood and started crying out of frustration around hour five lol).
Cravings: Uhh nope.
Looking forward to: Fixing up his nursery more! (nesting is for reals, y’all.)

The beast.
The beast. Alex & Jessica: 1, Demon Dresser: 0
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Bumpdate – 30 weeks

30 weeks 2

How far along: 30 weeks! (we’re in the countdown now…10 weeks to go!)
How big is baby: About the size of a butternut squash, or 17 inches long (pretty much at his birth height, just not as filled out). Weight is around 3.1 pounds (and he’ll gain approximately 1/2 a pound each week from here on out! Which also means that I’ll be gaining at least half a pound from here on out too haha).
Newest baby developments: He’s still packing on the fat, but his brain is what’s really developing more this week…it’s starting to look more like an adult brain with grooves and wrinkles to give him more surface area for storing everything he’ll learn later in life. He’s also starting to regulate his own body temperature so that fuzzy lanugo stuff that used to cover his skin is now starting to fall off. Also, he’s strong enough to grasp a finger this week. πŸ™‚
Movement: Sometimes almost painful with how hard he kicks! His feet are usually on my right side so that’s where I’m taking most of the hits. He’s big enough now that when he moves close enough to the top of my belly, you can actually see and feel his outline, which is really cool (and slightly creepy haha). I can usually tell whether it’s his feet or head or back that I’m seeing and sometimes I’ll just stay still and rub his little back or whatever it is for awhile until he changes positions.
Weirdest symptoms: The extra weight I’m toting around is definitely starting to wear on me…I get tired so much easier now and my back is usually aching by the end of the day. I have a smaller frame to begin with so I don’t know exactly how I’m going to deal with another 10 weeks of adding on all this extra weight. And I definitely don’t know how Jameson is going to have room in there for anything except curling up and staying still lol.
Best moment this week: Probably our Fourth of July family pool party/barbeque yesterday at my in-laws’ house. My whole family came as well, including my little niece who I just can’t get enough of! I love spending time with her. πŸ™‚
Worst moment this week: Nothing terrible at all, just starting to really feel all these aches and pains which is no fun.
Cravings: Nothing in particular (although I made candied pecans yesterday and those bad boys were like little candied pieces of heaven).
Looking forward to: Just getting more stuff ready in Jameson’s nursery. His mattress and some curtains for his room are being shipped (as well as his dresser) so everything should start coming together soon!

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Bumpdate – 29 weeks

29 weeks

How far along: 29 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a small cabbage, or 17 inches long (although that kind of depends on his genetics. He might be a bit smaller than that). Weight is around 2.9 pounds.
Newest baby developments: He’s growing white fat deposits under his skin, which is giving him extra energy (and is probably why I feel like he’s trying to make a jailbreak all day every day haha). Hopefully he’ll be nice and plump and adorable by the time he makes his appearance!
Movement: Pretty consistent, and usually around the same times too (he probably has a sleep schedule figured out by this point). When I wake up in the morning and roll over, he starts to move. From there it’s usually a couple of hours of rest with small movements in between followed by like an hour of more intense acrobatics — so much that my whole belly gets shifted all over the place. It’s pretty fun to watch. πŸ™‚
Weirdest symptoms: Shortness of breath, itchy belly (lotion and coconut oil are my best friends), and peeing every two minutes.
Best moment this week: DEFINITELY my niece Madelyn being born!!! If you’re friends with me or my sister on Facebook, you know that her birth story is like the craziest and coolest thing ever. That little girl sure knows how to make an entrance. πŸ˜‰ I fell in love with Madelyn the second I saw her and I only get more and more obsessed! She is so tiny and perfect. I can’t wait to give her a cousin in just a few months! (although whenever I hold her near my belly, Jameson kicks her straight in the butt hahah)
Worst moment this week: Really no bad moments this week! Madelyn was born on Monday, my birthday was on Wednesday, we got to volunteer with our church on Friday…all great things!
Cravings: Same old, same old. No real cravings, I just happen to be in the mood for certain things.
Looking forward to: Our church is having a sort of pot luck thing after service tonight which should be fun! And I’ve sent out most of my baby shower invitations! Life is good.

Little Miss Madelyn Grace

DSC_0097 DSC_0108 DSC_0111 DSC_0128 DSC_0138 DSC_0140 DSC_0150 DSC_0159 DSC_0165 DSC_0170

And a couple of funny pictures from my birthday:

Alex's grand attempt at surprising me with decorations hahaha.
Alex’s grand attempt at surprising me with decorations hahaha.
Tiniest birthday cake I've ever seen...and not even a courtesy period at the end lol. Still yummy though!
Tiniest birthday cake I’ve ever seen…and not even a courtesy period at the end lol. Still yummy though!
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Bumpdate – 28 weeks

28 weeks

(28.5 weeks in this picture and featuring the handsome hubs, since I never got around to taking a solo picture for this week)

How far along: 28 weeks – hellooo third trimester!
How big is baby: About the size of an eggplant, or about 16 inches long. Weight is about 2.5 pounds (but he feels a whole lot heavier than that, oye).
Newest baby developments: He’s busy practicing all sorts of tricks in there, including blinking, sucking, coughing, and taking practice breaths. His sleep cycles include the REM phase now, which means he could be dreaming (about what, I have no idea. It’s probably pretty boring in there). He’s continuing to pack on the baby fat and if he was born right now, he’d have a 90% chance of survival (not that I want him to be born right now…but that makes me feel a whole lot better).
Movement: Hiccups. All. The. Time. Poor little dude gets them at least twice a day and they last for about 10 minutes or more every time. I’m also still feeling the regular kicks and rolls and punches, only much stronger now. Alex gets to feel them all the time, too, which I love. πŸ™‚ Jameson is also responding more to our voices and will usually give a little kick when we start talking to him.
Weirdest symptoms: I sometimes wake up with leg cramps in the middle of the night, which is new (and annoying). And it’s definitely harder for me to sit/stand up from laying down these days (usually Alex has to give me a boost or I have to roll onto my side first). Everything feels heavier and I’m not used to carrying around this extra weight! I get out of breath so much easier now. But it’s all worth it for him.
Best moment this week: This post is almost a week late so a bunch of extremely exciting things have happened since the time I should have had this posted (I’ll write about them hopefully tomorrow for my 29 week bumpdate). But the best moment for last week was definitely getting to see my cousin marry the love of her life. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful (even in the sticky heat) and I’m so thankful I got to stand with her on what I know will always be one of her favorite days ever.
Worst moment this week: The flight back home from Atlanta was definitely a hassle. I was flying standby and I ended up having to get on a flight to Baltimore and then run across the airport to get on another flight back home to Phoenix. Stressful for me and Jameson, but we made it!
Cravings: Lots of fruit and also snap peas. Oh and Hershey’s chocolate, the kind with almonds and toffee in it. πŸ™‚
Looking forward to: Jameson’s dresser is en route right now and I’m so excited for it to get here so we can set it up! Once it’s put together I can finally wash all his baby clothes with that newborn Dreft detergent that smells great but costs a fortune and start organizing everything, yay!

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Bumpdate – 27 weeks

27 weeks

How far along: 27 weeks (Last week of the second trimester! How is that possible??)
How big is baby: About the size of a cucumber, or about 15 inches long (the measurement is from his head to his feet now, instead of his head to his bottom). Weight is about 2.2 pounds.
Newest baby developments: He can most likely recognize my voice in comparison to other voices (especially since I sing and talk to him all the time haha) and he’s breathing in lots of amniotic fluid every day to help him get ready for real breathing when he’s born.
Movement: He’s usually a pretty active baby (although these last couple of days he’s been kind of mellow) and he’s started getting the hiccups! So far I’ve counted three times he’s had them and it’s always so very cute. Alex’s mom told me that he used to have the hiccups all the time too, so maybe Jameson takes after his daddy. πŸ™‚
Weirdest symptoms: Having to pee literally every few minutes, even when I haven’t been drinking a ton. There’s just so much pressure on everything in there. Unfortunately, the having to pee always makes the Braxton Hicks start up so it’s kind of like a fun little cycle we go through every day lol. Oh well, we’re in the home stretch now!
Best moment this week: Setting up the crib! We don’t have a mattress yet so I can’t put the bedding in for now, but I keep poking my head in Jameson’s room to look at it anyway. It makes me smile every time I picture our sweet little baby in his baby bed. πŸ™‚Β  Only 13 weeks to go!
Worst moment this week: Nothing really, except for the backaches and rib aches that go along with all this extra weight I’m toting around.
Cravings: Fresh fruits and vegetables, which is probably the best kind of craving, and also Cold Stone Creamery, which is probably one of the worst kinds of cravings lol.
Looking forward to: Getting more work done in the nursery and seeing my cousin get married this Friday!

Setting up the crib this week…

DSC_0067 DSC_0069 DSC_0074 DSC_0079

(Charlie isn’t sure about our new roommate yet…)

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Bumpdate – 26 weeks

26 weeks

(featuring Charlie, my best puppy friend)

How far along: 26 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of an eggplant, or 10-11 inches long (but this could be off because the apps I have on my phone are giving me inconsistent information…). Weight is about 2 pounds!
Newest baby developments: He can probably open his wee little eyes now! Which means that he might start responding a bit more to light stimulus coming from outside his cozy home. We tried shining a flashlight onto my belly the other night, but he didn’t seem to care about that at all haha.
Movement: He loves to move around in there, and I love to feel it. He gets especially excited by loud noises and music (which means he’s all over the place during our church services) and also when I lay on my side. It almost feels like he’s walking up the inside of my tummy when I’m laying like that, which is super weird but still really cool. He’s getting so big now that it’s not just his strong kicks that I feel… I can also feel (and usually see) his smaller movements, like when he rolls over or slides his foot across my belly. So far only Alex, my two sisters, and my mother-in-law have felt him move because he still sleeps a lot of the day and it’s hard to time his kicks, but he’s getting more and more consistent every day so I bet it won’t be long until I can share his little movements with my other friends and family members. πŸ™‚
Weirdest symptoms: Braxton Hicks are probably going to be a symptom from here on out, and the peeing at night thing is only getting worse. I used to be able to just ignore it and go to sleep anyway but now, if there’s any water at all in my system, I’m woken up by it and I have to get up and go before going back to sleep. Oh well, it’s probably better that I get used to poor sleep sooner rather than later. πŸ˜‰
Best moment this week: There have been SO many good moments this week, I can’t choose just one! As an anniversary gift, Alex got me my first serious camera (a Nikon d3200) and it came in the mail this week! I’ve been in love ever since and I’ve been trying to practice and learn as much as I can so I’ll be ready for baby pictures in a few months (which is the main reason we got the camera). We also have our nursery furniture en route and my mother-in-law ordered like six zillion outfits for Jameson, which we got to look at on Saturday. My sweet boy is going to be very well-dressed. πŸ˜‰ Plus we’ve been clearing out the nursery so it’ll be ready for the furniture and organizing just always makes me happy (I know it’s weird).
Worst moment this week: No bad moments this week! My sister has been in and out of false labor, though, and I’m just praying that my niece either comes out the day she’s full-term (Sunday) or she waits a couple more weeks because otherwise I’ll be far far away in Georgia for my cousin’s wedding during the birth.
Cravings: Still fruit, especially nectarines and peaches.
Looking forward to: Setting up Jameson’s furniture, picking up my altered dress for the wedding (please, God, let it fit), and practicing some more with my camera. πŸ™‚

A few photos from this weekend…

DSC_0013 DSC_0014 DSC_0019 DSC_0023

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Bumpdate – 25 weeks

25 weeksHow far along: 25 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of a cauliflower, or 10-11 inches long (still). Weight is about 1.7 pounds.
Newest baby developments: He’s putting on more and more baby fat and filling out all over. He also has a sense of equilibrium now, so he can tell which way is up and which way is down (pretty cool for such a small little guy!).
Movement: This is far and away my favorite thing about pregnancy. πŸ™‚ The other day Jameson was exercising in there and I could tell that he was all the way stretched out because both sides of my belly were getting kicked/punched simultaneously. He also has this new thing now where he’ll shove part of his body against my tummy (usually a leg or foot or sometimes I think it’s his butt haha) and just stay there so we can feel him. He’s big enough now that I can actually tell where different parts of his body are and if I push a little on him he’ll usually push back. Alex and I have been loving this (even though it freaked Alex out at first) because it’s like we’re actually playing and interacting with our son.
Weirdest symptoms: The Braxton Hicks are still around but they’ve lessened a little since last week (and I let my midwife know about them and she said it’s all completely normal). The other annoying symptom is the fact that I have to get up and pee at least once a night (and that’s after I’ve already peed like six or seven times right before bed). I used to be able to just sleep right on through the night but now there’s way too much pressure on my bladder for me to do that.
Best moment this week: We got a new car! We’d been looking to sell my little old Ford Taurus for awhile now and get something a bit bigger and more reliable and we finally found a great deal on a Jeep Grand Cherokee that we couldn’t pass up. I hope Jameson likes his new ride. πŸ˜‰ Another great moment of the week was that we finally got around to tackling some home-improvement projects we’d been putting off. It was a LOT of work and we spent most of yesterday drilling crap and putting together new furniture and sweating like crazy lol. But I’m so happy with how it all turned out! My husband is the absolute best for letting me drag him around all day and for hanging six billion curtains. Next project: the nursery!
Worst moment this week: It’s been super frustrating for me to try and fit in my old clothes. I only have about four maternity items total (because they’re so expensive) and I just keep mixing and matching them…but when they all happen to be dirty, I have just about no options anymore. I think it’s time I admit defeat and buy a few more outfits to last through the summer.
Cravings: Fruit for sure!
Looking forward to: Hopefully getting a few more maternity outfits this week because I can’t keep counting on the belly band to hold up my normal jeans.