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Jameson’s Second Birthday

Our baby boy is TWO!!! It's been a week and a half now and I still can't really believe it. But two is so much fun already. Two is running everywhere, scrapes on his knees, chatting about everything, giving biiiiig hugs ("I cold, Mommy. I need hug."), wrestling with Daddy, and facing his fears. Two… Continue reading Jameson’s Second Birthday

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Family Pictures // March 2017

Last month my grandma came for a visit from Pennsylvania. She comes out every couple of years and this year my parents wanted to do something extra special. So they hired a photographer friend (Erin Tandler of Graced by Light Photography) for a family session. And what a beautiful job she did! We went out… Continue reading Family Pictures // March 2017

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A sweet treat for your valentine 

Valentine's Day is over and gone, but these little treats can be made all year long! (If you end an argument with a rhyme, it's convincing all the time. I learned that from "How I Met Your Mother.") Anywho! I brought these mini heart-shaped pies to a ladies Valentine's event for my church and the… Continue reading A sweet treat for your valentine 

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The best Christmas.

I LOVE the holiday season. Some years are better than others, but this one really blew every other year that I can remember out of the water. For real, this has been my favorite Christmas. A lot of different things played into it to make it extra wonderful... the fact that Jameson was old enough… Continue reading The best Christmas.

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Halloween 2016

Wow, okay. This post is super late. It's November and I'm blogging about Halloween. Stuff came up, things got busy, I was needed for a top secret mission. But I really do like documenting all the major holidays for future me to look back on, so here I am...blogging about Halloween in November. Hope you… Continue reading Halloween 2016

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Jameson’s First Birthday Party

Two Saturdays ago we celebrated the Jimmiest Jam turning ONE with some of our wonderful friends and family! I've actually been trying to write this post for several days now, but my site has been acting up and it's been taking forever to get it all finished. But I think we're good now. 😉 We… Continue reading Jameson’s First Birthday Party

Holidays & Special Events

Madelyn’s first birthday party

Happy first birthday to my tiny, perfect niece! I'm still in a little bit of denial that she's already one. When you're a kid, time feels like it draaags on for have to wait so long before you're old enough to stay home alone, to get your license, to live in your own place.… Continue reading Madelyn’s first birthday party

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Jameson’s first Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We sure did. We had brunch in the morning with Alex's parents, attended our church's special Easter service in the afternoon, and then ended the day at my parents' house for a delicious dinner! I hope you all got to spend time with your loved ones, I hope… Continue reading Jameson’s first Easter

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A Very Merry Christmas

This post is a wee bit on the late side (whoops!) but I still want to share a little about Jameson's first Christmas before we head into the new year. We're really so blessed to have our immediate families (mine and Alex's) within 20 minutes of our apartment and extra blessed that our families actually… Continue reading A Very Merry Christmas

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Jameson’s First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Weekend has come and gone already! I hope you all got to spend time with the people you love most, and I really hope you got to eat lots of yummy food. 😉 I sure did! And I've been eating leftovers ever since (pie for breakfast four days in a row? don't mind if… Continue reading Jameson’s First Thanksgiving