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Bumpdate – 28 weeks

We are officially in the third trimester and moving right along! This pregnancy has flown by. Even with the stay-at-home orders and not being able to spend our time out and about the way we like, the days have still seemed to zoom by. Alex and I were talking about it the other night and… Continue reading Bumpdate – 28 weeks

Baby #3, Pregnancy

Our third baby story

It has been a entirely too long since I’ve posted on my blog. Months too long, actually. Between homeschooling and stay-at-home life with two toddlers, blogging has been just a liiiittle bit on the back burner. And that’s okay, but now I have some (big) things to catch up on! I do want to keep… Continue reading Our third baby story

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Bumpdate – 31 weeks

I had an appointment with my midwife earlier this week so I thought I'd do a little update! Especially since there really aren't many more of these I'll be able to do before she's here. 😱 I'm technically closer to 32 weeks now but the pictures and the appointment were at 31 weeks so that's… Continue reading Bumpdate – 31 weeks

Baby #2, Bumpdates, Pregnancy

Bumpdate – 25 weeks

It's been a quiet month over here, but I'm jumping back on for another pregnancy update! I've missed blogging and I really do want to keep track of certain things for the future, it's just hard to find the time. I think this is only my second bumpdate of the entire pregnancy, actually. With Jameson… Continue reading Bumpdate – 25 weeks

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It’s a girl!

We are so thrilled to announce that this sweet little one is a GIRL! (Although Jameson was a little less thrilled because he wanted to hold the balloon.)  We had our 20 week anatomy scan on Monday and she is absolutely perfect in every way, and definitely all girl. 😊 We were kind of assuming… Continue reading It’s a girl!

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Pregnancy reveal!

I recently shared about the family photoshoot we had done last month when my grandma came for a visit (which you can see here) but I conveniently left out a few choice pictures. 😉 Alex and I announced our pregnancy to my family right smack in the middle of it! One thing I regretted a… Continue reading Pregnancy reveal!

Baby #2, Pregnancy

Our second baby story

WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! I can finally announce it loud and proud! We're expecting Babeski #2! Is this for real?! I still feel like I'm in a state of shock, but the best kind of shock there can be. We're having another baby. We're having another baby! I am so dang excited!!!! We told our families when I… Continue reading Our second baby story

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Jameson Andrew – our birth story

I am SO thrilled to finally introduce my sweet baby boy, Jameson Andrew Iwanski. Born Saturday, September 12th, 2015 at 4:11pm (39 weeks and 6 days). He was 8 pounds, 5 ounces, 20 inches long, and absolutely perfect in every way! I woke up Saturday morning around 6am to contractions that were about six minutes… Continue reading Jameson Andrew – our birth story

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Bumpdate – 39 weeks

How far along: 39 weeks (seven days until our due date!) How big is baby: About the size of a watermelon (no kidding), or around 21 inches long. Weight could be anywhere from 6-9 pounds, but the average is around 7lbs. Newest baby developments: His brain is still getting the most development at this point… Continue reading Bumpdate – 39 weeks

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Bumpdate – 38 weeks

How far along: 38 weeks How big is baby: About the size of a pumpkin, or around 21 inches long (that's the average at this point). Weight is around 7 pounds (but sometimes it feels like much, much more). Newest baby developments: He's mostly just working on some last minute things, like shedding that skin-protecting… Continue reading Bumpdate – 38 weeks